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  1. i dont see how increased gang activity is a bad thing. for awhile there weren't any banks and people were complaining about that lol
  2. 500k pls and thank you
  3. Lol yeah, the most expensive part of the loadout, plus lockpicks, zip ties, pretty much everything in your backpack, binoculars, and if ur a bh U lose ur license
  4. exactly. i get shot out by 3 bullets, and no the glass wasnt broken
  5. +1 tired of getting shot out of orcas by an mx
  6. did u put in a comp
  7. nice fps
  8. first problem is ur playing pubg in 3rd person
  9. i would donate it to the make a wish foundation to help retards like @CrispySliick
  10. i will consider hiring u guys if u link the song
  11. -1 my favorite weapon
  12. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  13. @Gnashes