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  1. Everyone shits on medics because they don't do anything.
  2. aLeeC kiLled mE aNd I loSt my kaTiBa pLs ban hiM
  3. favorite part is when @Biground kills me at 2:40 and I go "oH sHiT"
  4. You are allowed to look through them however poking your gun through the floor and shooting someone in tower would be exploiting
  5. you're a retard looking through walls and rocks is allowed on asylum
  6. This would be great I lOvE reAlisM
  7. i wAnT coMp fOr my 3k loAdouT
  8. no u crash into a tree and die
  9. the fuck is going on?
  10. thats what happens when you rob the bank with spar 16's
  11. sit
  12. are you saying you shit standing up?
  13. Where's the option for the people that don't wipe?
  14. @Silver-Spy helps people everyday in the asylum discord +1