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  1. I don’t mean this in particular, but there are restrictions they have on Olympus that keeps them from doing a lot of what bounty hunters enjoy on asylum.
  2. The server turns into Olympus once you start restricting things like this
  3. Usually when people tell a joke it’s funny.
  4. never seen someone try so hard to be toxic ur not funny
  5. Thanks for the valuable insight Mr. Owner
  6. Seems to me like the majority of the server disagrees with you, with a large portion of it being career cops.
  7. I don't have a problem with cops sending people to jail for prison conspiring, but the fact that they can down you and instantly send you does not seem balanced at all. For all I care, the cops can escort me out, take me to HQ, then send me. This is like seizing an ifrit while its still driving.
  8. Yes, however the cops should not be able to send to jail during combat thats just ridiculous
  9. everything sounds interesting except this
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