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  1. I'm not old enough to be cop but I don't want a squeaker processing me either. I do think the age could be set to 16 instead of 17 but then again I wasn't around a few years ago so I don't know if that would work.
  2. I think whitelisted medics would work on asylum, but I believe there should still be public medics. The whitelisted ones would have access to more vehicles, such as a hatchback sport and different clothing like hats or vests. Maybe they can have orcas, hemmt's, and possibly the new van that is coming out in the new dlc. There's a lot of potential for medics that's just going to waste.
  3. I know @Akeelagi is a sergeant but can he sponsor me
  4. I'll buy a black spar 16
  5. how do i sell vehicles on the asylum exchange
  7. "nice rdm"
  8. Can I buy just LIM ammo?
  9. I'll take all the spike strips, my in game name is Donald Clinton
  10. I know it was taken out because it was buggy, but are you guys planning to add it back eventually or even something like player owned shops? @Gnashes @bamf
  11. I think a pawnee would be fine
  12. Yeah my friend did he has video of it.
  13. So me and my friend had just gotten back from rebel and were going to store our gear in our houses. 2 undercover cops in an off-road started following us around so we got to my house and locked ourselves in. I'm upstairs, so I couldn't hear them, but apparently they told us to come out with our guns holstered. I walk downstairs with my gun lowered and start talking to them and out of nowhere my friend gets downed through the window. I then start shooting back because that was uncalled for and we were going to come out anyway. I got downed after I shot like 2 bullets. While we were downed, they just lethaled us and left. Aren't they supposed to give you a certain amount of time to leave the house? They gave us no more than a minute. Also, why couldn't they get a lieutenant to raid us instead of killing us? I even saw a lieutenant chilling in Kavala square after I respawned. Like wtf?
  14. What about medics? Do they get reviving .50 cals?
  15. 2