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  1. how am i supposed to make money sitting in kavala without rally races?
  2. modded altis life? why not play a good map if u gonna play modded
  3. why did that guy have fish and why did you pick it up?
  4. i asked for improvements on the medic system and the only thing they've done in years is add the retarded van smh
  5. goodbye google <3
  6. or they can just make them cheaper??
  7. Damn no respect for @Reapered
  8. Why would it not be allowed?
  9. Same thing happened to me. Got turned in for the same bounty I no longer had (25k) about 4 times. I was told that if you get a small charge like hit and run then pay it off at the courthouse it should fix it.
  10. ah okay thanks, somehow never happened to me before lol
  11. waited a good 10 minutes before switching, but i got sent to jail right after getting the pardon on the same server as well.
  12. u were the first one yeah
  13. I turned myself in to the cops and received a pardon for a 24k bounty. Then a bounty hunter sent me to jail even though I had no bounty and my bail was 1,500 and was in there for 5 minutes. Then I went to server 2 where a bounty hunter sent me to jail when I didn't even have a bounty. My bail was the original 24k from before I was pardoned and my time was 42 minutes. Wtf?
  14. "deposit" meaning your own money being held hostage xdddddd