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Ron Johnson


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On 4/4/2019 at 8:52 AM, Crossfade said:

Just a few from my clothing line, I even added a sweater for all those sweaty kids 



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20 hours ago, Ron Johnson said:

For heaven sakes, use embedded images.



How's that for an embedded image

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3 minutes ago, Ron Johnson said:

Which design would you prefer the most?

defintely needs to be long black and have asylum bold white print around the top


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4 minutes ago, danile666 said:

Meh shoulda done a Shopify, teesprings, Amazon integration. Then you could keep it up forever. 

spreadshirt allows you to keep it up forever, mitch just wants it to be limited 

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If you are still on the wire about getting your merch, there is currently a 15% off code right now,
Redeem yours by clicked the Redeem button on the Merch Store


Reminder, the merch store will be closing May 1st and will not open back up until we suppose will be the correct time.
(May see some new designs before the closing in the near future)

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2 hours ago, Manolo said:

Hell yeah got my limited edition gear. 


I wore my asylum shirt to the store and some ass-hat started asking me on line why I believe that our southern boarder should give asylum to immigrants ... 

Can't tell if meme or real. But regardless, lmao

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