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  1. man I can’t stop thinking about @KrazyKnight dude

  2. yall see ivan’s pfp 😫 goddam🙌

    1. The Ivan

      The Ivan

      yo chill wtf children wander this website

  3. mitch kinda cute 😳

  4. for me it is the mcchicken, the best fast food sandwich

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    2. Tman15tmb


      I'd agree with you but I've endured terrible food poisoning from a bad spicy chicken so now if I'm feeling a spicy chicken sandwich I'm sliding over to Chik Fil A ;)

    3. ItsFevver


      Oh for sure id never pick mcdonalds over CFA its to god tier

    4. Donald Clinton

      Donald Clinton

      thats great guys, but for me, it is the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich.

  5. It’s crazy how an online friend could die one day and you would probably never know, just the fact they haven’t been back on in a long time.
  6. buy a month and see how you like it
  7. i bought one month to try it out it’s been pretty fun so far
  8. Mission failed we’ll get em next time
  9. What is there to amass in this game besides entertainment?
  10. Exactly. I know we are trying to keep ban evaders away, but what's happening is that genuine people that just bought the game are gonna click on asylum and not be able to join the server because of the minimum hours. Most people I play with, their first arma experience was on asylum. This is just eliminating tons of potential new players Edit: does anyone know the actual minimum hours needed to play?
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