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  1. just disable house buying on the second server
  2. AFD Titles Good Samaritan https://gyazo.com/36f93d860cbd6e5187eb470d2fe3f8e9 Surgeon https://gyazo.com/d3e4a76c15da4dad1397439866e16318
  3. The prison used to have an asylum that people got sent to if they were charged with harvesting organs and stuff
  4. You're right, its for people who have unlocked achievments which anyone is able to do. Don't understand how its better to not have them?
  5. dont get the fuss about adding jets. They will be unarmed just like the buzzard so whats the big deal? Make them cost a lot of money to prevent people from flying them into shit and there will be no issue
  6. bring back the effects for every drug
  7. Been told you won’t be able to spam into the server if there are reserve slots
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