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We don't have to keep s2 closed forever, but playing on half populated servers is lame as fuck. All these people in here saying, "60-70 pLaYeRs iS ToTaLlY gReAt aNd DeFiNitEly nOrMaL" is fucking dumb. Anyone here who is a real OG knows back in the day when every server was 100/100 Asylum was fucking KICKASS. Playing on half populated servers is NOT good for playerbase and no one new wants to play on a server that literally never fills up.

I say, keep house cap at 5 and bring it down to just one server. S1, S2, I don't give a fuck which server it is, once we can keep a server full throughout most of the day we can bring the second server BACK UP and you'll have all your shit back.

Asylum is NOT going to bring in new players at a healthy rate if servers have 30-50 people on them most of the day.

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15 hours ago, danile666 said:

Asylum is not going to bring any new players in while whitelisted. So your whole point is moot right now. But also closing 2 would drive a sizeable chunk away. 

We already drive away a sizable chunk when they look at our servers at 4:30PM and see 40 people on each server. WOOOOWWEEEEE THIS SERVER IS POPPINNNN :flame::100:


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On 8/20/2019 at 7:40 PM, danile666 said:

Throw everyone off, close S1 and make S2 the primary server.  

Anyways though no solution is needed.  There is no problem here.  Servers are pretty full every single night.  



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3 hours ago, danile666 said:

Oh man on a tuesday at 7pm the servers arent full ooooooooooh better shut it down bois.  

Server 2 on Wednesday the 21st had its peak population of a whopping 53 whole players at 11:30PM EST. The ENTIRE DAY and 53 was the highest it ever hit. The server averaged less than 35 players for the day.

Over on Server 1 the population hit its peak population of 59 players at 9:30PM EST, and averaged less than 50 for the whole day.

How are you gonna have a straight face on and be like, "tHiS iS gOoD. pOpUlAtIoNs ArE A-oKaY!"

You can see the server statistics for yourself here. Server 1: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/3267120 Server 2: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/3267121

I get why people who play a certain server wouldn't want it to shut down, but we can't justify keeping up 2 servers like this. Doesn't matter whether we shut down 1 or 2, we just have to only have 1 server active right now. Let's come up with a good compromise and make something happen please. @Jesse @Clint Beastwood

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Ooow we cant fill a server because school started

Just now, danile666 said:

It's a wed the first or second week of school. People aren't on games as.much. Calm down and quit trying to make a problem out of nothing. 


I had nothing but constant fights today. So I'm absolutely ok with the state of the servers. 


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I personally don't like the idea of decreasing the amount of servers we have for any length of time. I think the best course of action is to get the numbers to creep back up as the old content that we loved is re-added, along with whatever other content may be on the horizon. That coupled with the good performance should lead to us having 2 full servers during prime time hours and then some.

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2 hours ago, danile666 said:

It's a wed the first or second week of school. People aren't on games as.much. Calm down and quit trying to make a problem out of nothing. 


I had nothing but constant fights today. So I'm absolutely ok with the state of the servers. 

I don't know if u understand school, but usually the first couple weeks nothing happens. Sure u go out get a couple beers and retalk the holiday wise, but there are no exams or important shit.

Truth be told it ain't looking good for asylum (as far as i see from these posts). They need some good advertisement but IMO looking at what V2 brought now for me isn't interesting enough to come back. Looks like they just removed a bunch of shit. I know it's temporarily but still

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On 8/20/2019 at 8:33 AM, ron [unreformed] said:

 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 

1. how do you expect from players to make money when 150 players on [  at least 30 of them are cops ] 

2. if I have a house on s2 how am I supposed to get the house if someone else own it on s1?

3. why would I only own only 2 houses + gang house? 

4. why are players complaining about having 60-70 players on both server when a week ago we had like 20-30? [ give it a time and then servers will be full again ] 

its the most shitty ass Idea I've ever heard. 

This pretty much sums it up in a nice list. Shutting down yet another server will not bring the population spike you are looking for, it will likely do the opposite with all the people getting screwed on housing pissed.

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On 8/20/2019 at 8:43 AM, Shepurd said:

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I think we should only have server 1 up for now. Currently, everyday we have like 50-60 people on s2 and like 60-70 people on s1 and we never have a full server. (atleast everytime I look at server pops its like that)

Lets only have Server 1 up with a maximum pop of 120 players. With our new mission file the server should be able to handle it, and it will be awesome being to play with a lot of people again. There would be people EVERYWHERE. tons of fights, tons of people out making money. It would be fucking awesome.

Quantity doesn’t always mean Quality, Adding more people to the pot will just cause more chaos for people just wanting to quietly make money

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I mean if you do this its not gonna bring people over, its gonna people who play server 2 go ahead and just quit since all their homes and progress are only on there. many people are already fed up with the current state of the mission file and lack of things to do, making it less diverse with only one server to play on will make most of the community on s2 go ahead and quit. I know personally that people who play mainly on server 2 are going to just flat out quit asylum the next time s2 shuts down.  this has been done before and every time you wipe out nearly 15% of the community every time.

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