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2 hours ago, willtee18 said:

hey i never got an answer to my application + rat will need to come as a package deal!


2 hours ago, jsh said:

Accepted if sewious 👉👈🥺

10 hours ago, We Fckin Anime Girls said:

Looking to join to fight cartal or donimation mostly an oly cartal and conquest fighter so I know my call outs and ain't my first time fight warzone
1.7k Hours on Arma 3 Main Rebal and 1.1k hour on my other as Vigi 

check dm

3 hours ago, Wutang said:

Application Format: 
MyAsylum:My Asylum - Profile (gaming-asylum.com)

check dm

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  • Junke changed the title to Crimson [OPEN STRICT RECRUITMENT]

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