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  1. who?
  2. Welcome back!
  3. Toxic, i like it
  4. Aight ETA on the relase? Next patch or whats the deal?
  5. Where is our gangwar colour for the tags mate @Gnashes
  6. Sounds like Anthony, @Nomadox can you confirm it?
  7. @OperationSB
  8. Trying not to say this in a toxic term but you are the definition of autism
  9. That post was the most serious post i've made on asylum btw
  10. Shit thought he Said motown maybe its the other one
  11. Motown
  12. thought you reformed from your toxicity mate, go back to coach goyney on r6, kid is washed af at every game he play theese days
  13. Dude calm down its a game no need to tell us your life plans
  14. I love to fuck bitches and do coke
  15. Hes been practicing for gangwars dude, see practice makes perfect