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  1. Time 2 talk buddy join my teamspeak / @Dally Torque: eurots9.gameservers.com:9308
  2. Ew
  3. Your car is ugly
  4. Nice one pal
  5. @thero Recruit this guy asap
  6. Go outside and fuck some bitches its about time
  7. dont come back please you are to good!1!!!11!
  8. Not saying it was my car but i dont pretend to tell people its my shit when its really your parents
  9. Tricks you live of your parents you aint paying a thing for the shit you have
  10. I Will do a comeback and play with you guys @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Sugarfoot
  11. Never call me cringe again ty
  12. @tryhardsqueaker @Revenant Oi check this out
  13. I deleted it cuz it was pretty edge tbh