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  1. I love you bro but you changed after you got mod
  2. Log out from this community and never come back
  3. this song is chill as fuk
  4. First and last time he got more then 1 kill
  5. Never seen him, i think he was in onyx or something, i mean he probably been doing more work then henry
  6. He sucks, first week he got mod he banned half of the population on asylum (5 people)
  7. Contributor henry arnold will save asylum !!!
  8. You getting salty bud? That was my my first 2 months on asylum and it wasen't me accusing them for ifrit skin= hacks that was some guy named guardian buddy You just showing yourself that you suck as admin and you should go back to support and lick some more ass ahaha Typical admins on asylum, get some feedback and acting salty
  9. You can start to unban aleec and the population will grow tbh
  10. Yes cuz they are the only ones on aslyum that got permed
  11. Yes because we only talking about tiger, hes the only one thats banned and making the servers goes down yikes
  12. @Mitch (IFRIT) @Bunni You got a fanboy over here stealing your locations
  13. Good one buddy, sad enough im not modqued
  14. What is the point of this video?