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  1. The first two picture is from last winter and the last one was when i was in greece last summer
  2. Some of my tattos
  3. Actually it was his "close" friend that made it for him. Not his "follower"
  4. Here is your real dad haha
  5. Go to bed redneck
  6. Neck yourself
  7. Na hes fine, it was two retarded kids that william invited to the gang cuz he wanted to use their house outside rebel as gang house but they gone as fuck
  8. No except for willmong.. haha
  9. Kavla gang, you are funny. Thoose kids in that pic is not even in the gang anymore.
  10. As my boy @SafeMode said, you are shit my dude
  11. He died to...
  12. @3rik