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  1. the legend is back
  2. I was sitting next to this retard he was so scared
  3. I might might be one of them, but im not guilty, right @Clint Beastwood ;))
  4. nice mom
  5. I miss you
  6. Nice montage my friend but my name is dally
  7. Im from sweden man but i love UK rap!
  8. Actually, i chose them;)
  9. PM me:)
  10. Thanks bro:)
  11. love you
  12. I told you it was me lmao you making up lies, just check the picture again then neck
  13. Kys fat kid when did i say we wiping everyone? I said talk shit and we fight and see who gets wiped lmao
  14. Best comeback ever, fuck off from the thread ms:)
  15. Hahaha mad, just kys hopeless kid