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  1. The fact that the "beef" started on twitter. Its not even some face to face type shit. All over something that someone said on the internet. Seems kinda lame IMO.
  2. Envy working together to find as much personal information as they can about me LUL Pathetic
  3. Did I strike a nerve? Had to call all your little boyfriends in for backup.
  4. It pays the bills. Enjoy working at Mcdonalds and living at your parents house the rest of your life
  5. Sorry didn't mean to offend your favorite rappers lol
  6. This whole situation is just embarrassing to the HipHop/Rap community
  7. That is a work of art. Well done
  8. I hope you're just fishing for likes, because if so, you got me.
  9. Your worst nightmare @Gaskal, I now like men
  10. What CLing in Scum looks like for me
  11. Only difference is, when he has time, he'll be able able to log into Asylum
  12. Goyneyy wants everyone to know that he is an edgy cartel fighter
  13. Thank you
  14. I'll dm you my paypal