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  1. You seem mad. Well, probably not as mad as Prime, I never even gave them their 2nd place prize from Gang Wars. Lol But yes, I only favor my own gang. You right!
  2. Roice

    Sad news

    Oh boy we got ourselves a role player!
  3. I think he means he wants to be able to see the names of who the other bounty hunters in his group are tracking.
  4. Too bad big M dropped you from his roster. Yikes #freeagentWillmong #thesearchcontinues
  5. I'm confused about your stance here. You like sidechat on so you can see the toxicity, but at the same time you're annoyed with toxicity and want it regulated?
  6. honestly easier to gyazo it then have to upload the photo somewhere
  7. inaccurate montage, no clips of you yelling or screaming
  8. Roice

    Been Fun

    More like see him after he shakes that hangover he's about to have
  9. Best player in the game! Indisputable!
  10. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/goals/
  11. Wrapped in cardboard because kitchen is being remodeled
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