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  1. You're thinking about someone else. Grizz was a master roleplayer in the APD. Most known for using his voice and not his gun.
  2. Undercover farmer Scott
  3. Believe whatever helps you sleep at night tryhard. I quite honestly couldn't care any less. I provided as much of the reward as I am capable of providing. It sounds like your beef is with people higher up the chain then me. You kinda have to play the server to own a house
  4. @Term doesn't pay me enough at the taco truck
  5. Sorry times are tough and my gang bank is looking like your IRL bank account
  6. Its funny how the first place winners were the only ones who got rewarded yet you guys cry about not getting it for some reason. Prime didn't get shit and they don't bitch at all. Are all of you just retarded?
  7. No kidding. Yea that's going to be a 3 day from me @ron the player! Enjoy your weekend!
  8. Kinda hard to be "well equipped" for an RPG. Change my mind
  9. I guess that was enough to finally force retire @DarkKnight
  10. Imagine having to work a full time job in a game just to get paid minimum wage
  11. ohhh go ahead and blame the cadet Corporal Goyney @DarkKnight you seeing this blatant lack of leadership?
  12. I'd pay good money to hear a beat battle between @Reformed epTic and @kryptonthegamer
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