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  1. Call people irrelevant shitters and fight cartels
  2. Just imagine all the people that would have voted for you that aren't around anymore. That number would be triple digits already easy
  3. It's okay, multiple voting is allowed
  4. per @TheCrestedPenguin request
  5. Locking this before this gets out of control
  6. Who said anything about playtime requirements yet? I'm just polling for a date, settle down.
  7. Oh shit, my bad, he actually does know. Sorry @Azeh, didn't even read the name. I'm going back to sleep
  8. He's likely referring to the rule about no permed players will be allowed to sign up. What he doesn't know, is the single digit number of players that played last time that were permed from Asylum won't hit us that hard.
  9. After a smooth GW6, we are ready for the next edition. This is not a definitive poll, this is just to get an idea of what would work best for the community and the hosts. Thank you for your input!
  10. In order for this thread to not be safe, you would need a picture of @HomeTrlx driving that quad bike
  11. Wait, they make mouse and keyboards for people with no fingers? What a time to be alive
  12. You actually could do a few things about it Ask an admin if the player is banned for what he says he banned for Keep better friends Like I said before, this will not be an issue next Gang Wars as players that are permed for anything will no longer be able to participate.
  13. Thank you @Walter White for taking the time to put this together!
  14. I have decided to stick with our original plan/rules and DQ Ambition as a whole. I understand this punishment comes off a little harsh and I wish it didn't have to happen this way. I was really hoping that by making it clear that the whole team would be DQ'd that the leaders would have properly vetted their roster (Even ask an Admin for more clarity on a player) so we wouldn't run into this issue. I know that it does seem a little unfair but I can't go back on my rules. In the future I will remember this situation and make it even more clear that the leaders are responsible for their roster and that its okay to ask an Admin to check a player for them if they don't know them well enough or their history before submitting their final roster. As for the brackets, with 7 teams and after what happened, its best if I make a new random seeded setup forcing 1 team by random to a first round bye. (Agreed upon by the majority of the gang leaders in the event) I don't have time to make another video showing that its random but here are the new brackets. I will update the original post to this new info