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  1. Roice


    insert rage gif here
  2. They honestly shouldn't even be on the server. You could make them $300k each and people would still buy them because its easier then gun play. RPGs stop what would otherwise be absolutely awesome engagements in just a few seconds. Then the fight is over, armor is blown up, everyones dead and what, they get to sit up there on the tower and be like, "yea suck my 60k faggots!" or whatever. Boring..... What's the point of even having armored vehicles if you only need to spend barely twice the cost of the vehicle itself to blow it up entirely with everyone in it? Just my opinion
  3. Are those the ones you use with Leady? Do they work pretty good?
  4. That's because with our new ticket system, appeals/comp reqs are done on a different part of the forums. @'ing people doesn't register there. Btw in regards to your 3rd Party Apps/Cheating PERM Ban appeal denied
  5. Sad I missed this. I followed. Do it again
  6. @Painbringa112 Shaves nothing
  7. You really gotta change the +6 points - Ban Evading ban message @Alec-I, its an old meme and we here at the FSA only supply the world with fresh, new propaganda like this wonderful meme made by our very own [Martyr] @Tony. who is clearly superior to you at Fifa. Beat by a bald headed nonce that doesn't even live in his home country. Y I K E S
  8. I don't know, I care pretty heavily about tacos
  9. Honestly @RobiN_ is my top pick
  10. The only known photograph of brother @Smee
  11. did you kick Tony down a hil!?? Fuck yea!
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