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  1. Hahaha I can’t remember who that was. Trying to bully me to change my name, what a jerk
  2. Does he get to pick the man? Because he's obviously going to pick me, and i'll have you know me naked is worth more then a shit 300k bank house
  3. Happy birthday dude! Gratz on the pup as well, one of my favorite breeds!
  4. There is already a second garage in Therisa
  5. Oh you mean like a Prius?
  6. Call people irrelevant shitters and fight cartels
  7. Just imagine all the people that would have voted for you that aren't around anymore. That number would be triple digits already easy
  8. It's okay, multiple voting is allowed
  9. per @TheCrestedPenguin request
  10. Locking this before this gets out of control
  11. Who said anything about playtime requirements yet? I'm just polling for a date, settle down.
  12. Oh shit, my bad, he actually does know. Sorry @Azeh, didn't even read the name. I'm going back to sleep
  13. He's likely referring to the rule about no permed players will be allowed to sign up. What he doesn't know, is the single digit number of players that played last time that were permed from Asylum won't hit us that hard.