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  1. looking at you trying to flex over your booty ass gram of wax is making me sick
  2. thats literally the funniest thing I've heard anyone try and tell me on the forums
  3. wooooow barely a gram of wax that looks like it was made in a pvc pipe. fuck out of here with that
  4. why you gotta make this post all about you
  5. lladnar, you can't even get kills on a dead server, calm down
  6. probably best that you stick to not knowing what it is
  7. you seem mad
  8. You'd be surprised how powerful that platform is tho
  9. Now you got all that time to work on music
  10. Produce/Record Music. Never lets me down.
  11. @Nomadox I told you I threw that grenade and you even made it up to 1rst plat with us!! Why did you go back down!?? ahahaha @Lorax Nice Tage bro
  12. oh you mean Owimpus?
  13. Mine is just around the S turn towards Sofia from you, same server. Never knew that was yours.
  14. Sorry I don't follow badminton