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  1. Fly your orca for 5 mins....oh wait @Mitch (IFRIT)
  2. Disciplinary Action Forum points for derailing the thread with false information
  3. FAG

    1. Roicesb


      @Tony. you're a disappointment 

  4. @william Have you tried not sitting on it?
  5. Lets be honest here, @Fudger every time your ts perms are fucked you call me
  6. yes
  7. Roice 76561198056515695
  9. I used reshade fx for visuals and blastcore for sounds
  10. Content updates are not going to make this server more populated, if anything it might just continue to add to the already existing problem. The server needs to be able to run stable without ppl getting kicked halfway through their runs or halfway through a push at a cartel. I have tried to rally peoples interest in donating toward paying a capable person to fix our mission file and server code (really whatever technical shit I know nothing about that needs to be done) but in the end, without the owners of asylum letting go and letting someone who knows what they are doing (and getting paid) into the precious Asylum backend (huehuehue ), the server is doomed to continue down hill unless one of the owners put forth the effort it would take to do it themselves (community goals for compensation until the job is done??). Stabilizing server performance is the only thing that's going to help in the long run. Sorry, not new content(maybe when the servers are stable), not unbanning tiger (not saying he or others should or shouldn't be) . If our server ran smoothly we'd have a level playing field where people would be more interested in spending their time here. Possibly even bringing back some of our veteran players who left for that reason alone. I mean, seriously, here we are a few years later and our servers still shit themselves and we all get kicked and you guys still think new content is going to make the server come back to life? Anyways, I'm just vocalizing my opinion, none of this is directed at anyone specifically, but its 2018, one of you is bound to be offended. Good day
  11. Who the hell is Eltec? you mean @eleec
  12. He actually requested a higher up, reason, "I want to be processed correctly" I came into the pill box, denied his request and assured him that our officers on duty were more then capable of processing him. I leave. I was informed he started to nit pick about an attempted manslaughter charge when him and his group of 6 were hostile with the APD. So to make sure we didn't violate his rights as a civilian, I told the constable to remove the attempted charge and just give him a 50% increase.
  13. To long didn't read
  14. hey thats the same speed @Scotts brain operates at!
  15. hes obviously hacking!