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  1. Hahaha I remember that heroin field ordeal. Remember when you got stuck in the rock at OG? Lol Good times. Happy adventures dude. \o/
  2. jokes on you, tony doesn't have snapchat and you don't have any balls
  3. there's nothing to like about a scottish fuck like you @mr_tony
  4. I see your most recent reform is going well
  5. You smell like cheese
  6. sit @Sparkyeb
  7. and then you made this post
  8. 1. Wow... ruude 2. Why are you watching me through my window still, I thought we talked about this? 3. Carry on, you're my favorite EU stalker
  9. be that as it may, watching you repair it, wasn't
  10. Enjoyed the clip but the video should have started here instead
  11. Midamaru's whats app profile picture explains everything
  12. Please also try and disable the teleporting for ppl who aren't in jail. Running around in the corridors and it tp'd me back into the middle of the cops out of nowhere @Gnashes
  13. @Legit This is why no one likes you
  14. thats still about a 25% increase from yours