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  1. That camo is so FRESH. Do that but do a blue theme like the navy NWU uniforms. I'll nut.
  2. How about a rainbow ifrit?
  3. "Oh he left" HUEhueHUEhueHUE
  4. Wouldn't wanna get banned. 4,600 posts. Here's to 4,600 more, cheers.
  5. Huh? Sense when?
  6. User in your channel was banned from the server.
  7. Cook meth in real life instead.
  8. Rocket Propelled Grenade
  9. Asylum isn't a role play server.
  10. Ya dude? All 4 of them? Devastating.
  11. "Would have to refund" I got some BOMB weed the other day, but PLEASE tell me what you're smoking to think they have to do shit, they could pull the plug tomorrow and ride off into the sunset lol.
  12. If that was the case, the only servers up right now would be (maybe) server #1. So that's invalid <3.