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  1. It's on a "need to know" basis.
  2. I tried. They don't seem to be looking for programmers though. PS: See y'all on Olympus!
  3. Why'd an admin kill you with a jet?
  4. I could be a sergeant bro. If I wanted to.
  5. If anyone has any advantage over another from spending money, no matter how miniscule, BIS will force Bamf to change it. Something as small as donator's debit cards persisting through death caused Bohemia to have an issue with the server. This happened a mere few days ago.
  6. First line should include 0, or it will spit out the second hint if you have exactly 0$ which wouldn't make any sense. if (life_atmmoney <= 0)...
  7. Tiger didn't get paid $100,000,000 to cap a cartel.
  8. Permanent is a long time.
  9. That camo is so FRESH. Do that but do a blue theme like the navy NWU uniforms. I'll nut.
  10. How about a rainbow ifrit?
  11. "Oh he left" HUEhueHUEhueHUE
  12. Wouldn't wanna get banned. 4,600 posts. Here's to 4,600 more, cheers.
  13. Huh? Sense when?