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  1. Smh and you guys can't even win an armoured vehicle joust vs me #BigCummers
  2. Hey there Asylum, long time gamer here Carson. I'd like to share an idea that @Shepurd and I were talking about. I wonder if it would be possible to add seasons into Asylum like Paratus originally planned. But more oriented towards gang goals rather than individual based. So every month there is a new gang season ladder, with hopefully some kind of in game monetary reward and cosmetic. Killing war-status'd enemy gang members, chopping their illegal vehicles and maybe owning a cartel per hour would reward your gang ladder points. Obviously there is much more that could be thought of but I'm just typing out what Shepurd and I have thought of in the last 15 minutes or so. The only idea that I have cosmetically is maybe an ifrit skin. The skin backround colour could be chosen by the winning gang of that season and maybe their logo slapped onto the front and or side with stars maybe going around their emblem showing how many seasons they've won. I think adding a reward like this that's not too obnoxious but that's a nice flex would encourage more fighting for gangs. Obviously only rewarded to those who were part of that gang for that season, I assume it's possible to give a skin unlock to a specific player-id since they did it with crates. Monetary rewards would probably help as well, people having to farm less and fight more is what people have always wanted, maybe increasing passive paycheck money depending on leader-board ranking gang wide. Of course people want individual rewards as well, when I was actively playing people were really hyped to get Warlord, Enforcer etc. Maybe adding a bit more individual rewards would also encourage more fighting and warring between gangs. I don't know how viable this whole idea is due to the lack of actual competitive gangs on here now but I thought I'd throw an idea out there to start getting people to talk.
  3. Reporting in for the ghost hawk cartel assault
  4. yeah maybe you should've kept it between you and those people rather than posting it for the whole forums to see xd
  5. This guy must have some super form of autism to cheat on arma in 2k17
  6. Alright pretty unfortunate, thanks for the info tho Gnashes.
  7. This was brought up in a thread by @TheRealLethal so credit to him. I think it would be awesome if it is even possible nowadays to add a server pre-governor patch. I am not quite sure how viable it would be at all but I think it would be really interesting to actually see what the community would think about it. Also if it is viable I think a large majority of the community would fine even with a donation goal I think we just want to love and play Asylum again, we might talk shit about it but this is our home and we love it. Like I said I don't even know if this is possible what so ever but I'd like to see if the community would be interested in this and see what the developers think. We all just want Asylum to be an awesome full and thriving community once again so please just hear me out on this one thing. EDIT: It doesn't seem like it's possible, we tried boys. Also for convenience sake here is what Gnashes said:
  8. Just a guild w/ friends for ez payouts xd
  9. noob guild that tech and loko are in i destroy u
  10. I main ninja, if you plan on it make sure it's something you actually enjoy as it very very gear and level dependant. Ninja grinding isn't actually as bad as people say of course you wont be able to power farm like wizards, witches & strikers but it is fine. Side note is ninjas take a fuck load more accuracy than any other class so accessories are going to be inherently more expensive ie; red corals, tree belt etc etc
  11. Not a weaboo and I also have a giant brain so you can heck off dumb tennis player
  12. Maybe one day you'll be able to be on the squad, but until then @Shepurd @Ronald