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  1. @JaxxonMurphy How is the mic quality of your AT2020?
  2. second
  3. not pointing to the "100 lines of code" theres nothing wrong with it
  4. > every 60 seconds the script goes over every cartel and checks if there is anyone inside, checks for each player if it has the right gun, etc > checks if the player is in a gang > check if there are other gangs > move cap % or do nothing if other gang is present, all this in only 100 lines of code
  5. callExtension - This command is blocking, meaning that the game will wait for the extension to return before continuing. This may cause FPS drop if extension is not optimised. If extension takes too long, consider making asynchronous extension, where the result of the work of the extension is collected in a separate call.
  6. Is Arma2NET still a thing (2012) and optimized?
  7. Grandfathered applicants are for those who were cop when the limit was 16, It should be removed since we are years later.
  8. This man is well-trained.
  9. Razer Mamba Tournament Edition / Finalmouse CLASSIC ERGO 2