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  1. For someone in a gang called "fuck it shit happens" he sure does give a lot of fucks......
  2. At least she is a working lady you prude!
  3. Kevin paypal doesn't accept monopoly money
  4. 1.2m @RoguePilot
  5. That poor medic tho
  6. Welcome to Arma, this wizardry happens all the time. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Johnny was always known for his impeccable hot drops.
  8. Agreed, the quality of RP is definitely lacking. Nowadays people just want to charge and ticket an individual ASAP instead of talking about all the charges to the fullest extent and having some good banter from it. I've had cops and civilians come up to me while I have role-played with individuals for 15+ minutes and they say something like "omg, are you really still talking to this person?" it's not my fault I like to talk!
  9. Damn, I'm looking sexy in this photo.
  10. lol, poor bounty hunter's must have slept with lady luck's sister, cause that's some shitty luck.
  11. This. You truly don't appreciate Asylum until you join other random Altis life servers and see how chaotic and horribly staffed they are.
  12. I have 5+ million gold on US area 52 server that I would be willing to trade for asylum cash.
  13. You actually killed someone??? You sure this wasn't a training server?
  14. Brian you made my night when you started blasting the music, I licked my heart out for you!