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  1. You think I only have 40? I am better prepared then that.....
  2. And another time Winchester blew up
  3. I would assume it has something to do with not continually getting paid for the same charges on a player. If someone has a large bounty and gets broken out, they can get thrown back in jail just to get broken out again to yet again get sent back to jail.
  4. I think I can find some RP bullets for you if interested. Just let me know!
  5. That’s just the Human Centipede mod. Nothing fishy going on here.
  6. How to deal with pesky bounty hunters.
  7. What if they log off after getting parole then? Nobody would get paid until they decided to log back on and serve the time out. Also what would stop them from changing servers to one with fewer cops, having their cop friends hop on and then reap the rewards when parole has been served? Either way parole is gone, so enjoy the RP
  8. Oh no, you guys have no idea what you have just done. You have fueled the fire which is Psycosis, now all your ranks are in jeopardy!
  9. And this is why Arma will always have a special place in my heart.
  10. To protect his identity, you can call him
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