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  1. Good shit Massi. I love how the guy's lifeless body at 27 seconds just tumbles off the rock lol.
  2. Why are you posting pics of yourself? You also look like you can take a hit.
  3. Lots of script fails in this video. Don't know why anyone got downed. Hope you guys enjoy!
  4. That ifrit drop Nice.
  5. Lucky what does that say about you if Spoon was drafted over you?? ily.
  6. What happened to me in the video is the equivalent of having you in the channel.
  7. Turning me into a goddamn frisbee....
  8. Billy, be humble instead of saying it's photoshop. We all know you let him win so that he can finally rest easy at night.
  9. @Lucky reveal yourself!
  10. My boy, nice clips!!
  11. 1 post closer to 1,000, lets go!
  12. And yes, before anyone calls me a robocop I cleared his $1 ticket. Also this guy needs an Asylum GoFundMe, it appears he has fallen on tough times. So any money you guys make from fishing or apple picking or whatever, just set some aside and send his way.
  13. Thanks guys! And I know, I know but being a fat fuck and not pushing definitely beats the alternative of suicide pushing 7-8 guys at tower drug.
  14. Thanks guys
  15. It's called Redgull stacking