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  1. Yes, sometimes I am called 'The Anaconda" for my unique ability to unhinge my jaws and....... wait a second, fuck you man.
  2. Ya, I bet you like to gurgle.... ummmm things in your mouth....
  3. Do you accept pebbles as a form of currency? If so I will gladly take the house.
  4. I guess the saying is true after-all "what goes around comes around" Gotta thank the medics for that, they can't revive people for shit but they can sure blast their tunes.
  5. Better delete this post, obvious foul play is involved on your part to take down such a rowdy bunch like that so quickly and effectively.
  6. When you play Arma, you gotta take it with a grain of salt things just don't make sense.
  7. will you take these lips instead?
  8. Supernatural The Originals Arrested Development (funny as fuck show)
  9. Are you sure that just isn't menstrual cramping?
  10. Hmmmmmmm, anyone else smell pulldowns?? That helicopter went down way to unnaturally.
  11. Don’t flatter yourself. You couldn’t hurt anything even if you tried.
  12. Actually that's 2 words and 1 number.
  13. Negative ghost rider Its ok, the cadets that were with me said lethal's were authorized