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  1. Dog shit
  2. Officers only
  3. @DS_Billy , this is an attempt to make himself feel better after what @Gnashes did to him the other day. @Luke SwagWalker @Biground < Not my orcas theirs
  4. O7 Normal Kavala ^ EDIT: Special thanks to @Cliff. for the hunter (Sorry it blew up), @Luke SwagWalker @DankBud @Crasher2003 for the contagious laughs, and @Akeelagi for donating his body to the cause
  5. congrats @Luke SwagWalker
  6. this is what I'll donate for
  7. hi whenever you become as skilled as I am with bikes you can talk
  8. +1 I like the idea of an infantry server, but not sure how it would work way strife is now I feel infantry based should be quick based with less points (KOTH). I do enjoy the arma vanilla feel on strife as is. However I feel 2 strife servers would separate the community more.
  9. it was a fair 50 50 until we pushed them into the last point and half the team left cause it was nothing but spawn killing,
  10. +1
  11. don't confuse me with Mason
  12. We found when a player disconnects his AI still stays in-game with his name, when someone takes the spot that the player disconnected in they take over that AI with his gear. I have video of this too, I locked masons AI in a car and have video of people logging in and their name changing the AIs they end up leaving and soon another joins locked in the car.