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  1. You aren't the only one. I wish I could fit more in the one gyazo
  2. this sums up how I feel | 0:38 / 2:36 / 7:11 / 7:43 all these happen to be my Orcas, 3 of them was shot by Mason / Suicide vested. Please stop this person he has an issue.
  3. Infamy from tests of selling of illegal items is MarketSellPrice = S, S+(S*0.Modifiers) = O, O/250 = Infamy, Examples Crystal Meth 1505/250 = 6.02 Infamy Per Sold. Scotch 943/250 = 3.772 Infamy Per Sold. Getting 7% Shakedown (2,000) will get you Scotch 943+(943*0.07) = 1009.01, 1009.01/250 = 4.03604 Infamy Per Sold. Making that a 7% Increase to Infamy gained as well (Cartel take away doesn't seem to effect this). This takes market crash into account tho. So to maximize infamy gain having anything that increases sell price as well as selling when market isn't crashed will increase your gain. (This is at least for now hopefully this doesn't cause the % gain to get nerfed)
  4. Nope I agree. Good things always go to an end tho
  5. At this rate RPGs will be nerfed or unbuyable
  6. I'll +4 this then we call it even.
  7. DP5, 3 Crate Middle of town, any offer?
  8. hacker ejecting people during the time he prob got to you
  9. I don't recall that ever happening
  10. It's what do you expect. I mean just take a look at this dude @Biground