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  1. Bag

    dp5 scotch shed

    continue bid at 3mil, blackwall's post was not yet approved when @kenjiekun replied
  2. === ~600m from dp5 ~2.5km from spirit ~3km from cocaine ~3km from athira ~4.3km from airshop ~5.6km from north rebel === bid starts at 1mil
  3. On the altis map, my house says it’s currently listed for 999k, but it’s not.
  4. === ~600m from Spirit Distillery ~950m from Drug Runner 1 ~ 1km from Abdera ~1.7km from Wong Triad ===
  5. continue the bid queers, but i own the shed now
  6. Bag


    listed 550k
  7. Very inconvenient sir Mr. Darrel.
  8. not sure if they fixed it but i was unable to buy my coast guard orca at rebel airshop
  9. are you allowed to be a pedophile? can't find that answer on google.
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