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  1. Not sure if its only me, but it bugs me not being able to hear in game sounds
  2. I mean you can clearly see I see no competition on the tower so I've lowered my weapon on purpose so that I cannot shoot newbs.
  3. the amount of drug runner planes i've seen you slam into ABSOLUTELY nothing, You can shove comp straight up ur candy ass batcan.
  4. Words cannot describe how accurate this is for a lot of the community, but I believe in papa beastwood and Jesse. Like a broken record just gotta allow time to see what they can provide
  5. If only I had my dearest friend to guide me I'm alone out here. Im sad boy plz
  6. honestly dummy boy like who are you step bro
  7. I really liked when you were role playing as Durga in this video
  8. I know I suck I posted this for my ego. All I want in life is for Goynerz to forgive me of my snake ways.
  9. Can you make a snake design for donor level 7 and admins / moderators i'd really appreciate it. Thanks buddy
  10. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 I'm going to miss you old man
  11. Jayshawn


    And to think I was the snake in this, Big Goynerz is dirty!
  12. render in 1440p
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