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  1. Best suicide vest i've ever done.
  2. Watch it old man This isn't back in the day your superior musket skills don't hold any weight here buddy.
  3. the classic "eat my ass" lmao @Clint Beastwood
  4. Shout out to Mia Khalifa for getting rammed harder than ever. Been uploaded for awhile now, but forums be dead so why not I guess drama and banter welcomed. except for @GO7NEY hes not welcomed.
  5. man I miss the boys i hope one day the boys return.
  6. what gang are you in? lol jk pls don't dox me retard
  7. Why now? it's been a thing for years and never was "big" enough of a problem.
  8. Jayshawn

    Gang Split

    I like this idea, let's split 2 inactive gangs into 4 inactive gangs, that will bring back gang life in a hurry!
  9. if you don't care enough, why did you post this shit then.
  10. ask your retarded brother for render settings, please for the love of god.
  11. bout time the guy does something, disbands the boys , gets contributor and goes MIA for a month. sick. @Bikstok
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