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  1. cadets have to follow the book. thing is i found higher ups are the ones who robo cop me. because they can
  2. worked well till i got into a police chase. now i dont even last a few mins on server rip
  3. deleted mission file and made new profile. works so far. thank you.
  4. ill try those, thank you. im sure i tried the mission file tho last month i dont have mods or anything, and asylum is the only server iplay
  5. yup. been over a month since i could play properly
  6. i have changed parameters. left them stock. tried changing various parameters, but i still have alot of issues connecting to play, when i get in it kicks me shortly after for bad module info. oh and i did the change full screen optimization. any help please?
  7. what parameters did u change?
  8. im mega poor irl but yes ingame even a few different colours would be awesome, everyone has the same thing
  9. i would like a few free civ vehicles tbh
  10. standard. some nights i can play for hours. others cant even login
  11. i did this over a week ago, i still get bad module
  12. you think thats bad? i see worse everyday on asylum
  13. that sucks i would love a new car
  14. how bout a new set of loot crates with new vehicles or vehicle skins. i know i would buy them if you put some up
  15. listed for 999k