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  1. they are on the forums search for em here is one i found
  2. i like the new stuff in the crates, but i cant afford many so no new vehicles/clothes for me. maybe a couple thrown in for free would be great. how about if you see a new person try to help them out to get started, show them the way. all too often i see noobs getting robbed in kavala then they ask around for money etc as they are broke af picking on noobs without guns cant be that fun
  3. heli was slingloading a quad, reapered dropped em with an rpg
  4. yes, we all know im slow
  5. just letting everyone know arma is on humble bundle, you can get arma3 and apex for 20 usd
  6. why cant medics have radius payments like cops? you get more when no medics are nearby, which should spread the medics out from kavala a bit
  7. yes they are. rounds are the same
  8. cadets have to follow the book. thing is i found higher ups are the ones who robo cop me. because they can
  9. worked well till i got into a police chase. now i dont even last a few mins on server rip
  10. deleted mission file and made new profile. works so far. thank you.
  11. ill try those, thank you. im sure i tried the mission file tho last month i dont have mods or anything, and asylum is the only server iplay
  12. yup. been over a month since i could play properly
  13. i have changed parameters. left them stock. tried changing various parameters, but i still have alot of issues connecting to play, when i get in it kicks me shortly after for bad module info. oh and i did the change full screen optimization. any help please?
  14. what parameters did u change?
  15. im mega poor irl but yes ingame even a few different colours would be awesome, everyone has the same thing