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  • Donation Goal Summary


    June 2020 Rewards


    May 2020 Rewards

    Flawless Diamonds.
    For the month of May, the discovery rate for flawless diamonds will be doubled.

    Blood Money.
    For the month of May, the amount of blood money that you earn will be doubled.

    Player's max carrying capacity increased to 120 (up from 96).
    For the month of May, you will be able to carry a total of 120 virtual inventory.

    Lumber sales.
    The sale price for all lumber will be doubled!

    How to contribute

    You can donate below or you can purchase keys from the Asylum Key Store to contribute towards the goals. Donating to just the goal will also increase your donor level by said amount. If you want to just increase your donor level, do so by donating to the goal for the month.


    All finished donation goals will be delivered ideally in the next month. So if you donate for the December rewards, they will be released upon goal finish sometime in January. Please allow time for the development of the goal. Donations towards the community goals will be available to anyone in the community. You don't need to donate to get the rewards listed above, it will be available to everyone upon completion of the goal.

    Also, more than just this will be developed for that month. This is just something you can basically ensure delivery on and know it will be coming. Other things will still be worked on as time allows for such.


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