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  1. Leady please tell me this isn't happening Rod is right there is no point. Leave a little "skill" and let people learn to use the marker
  2. In Game Name: Lil' Intoxicated Age: Distilled Time Zone: EST Steam Profile: who cares Hours (Screenshot):Application Format: All of em How much money you got?: All of it Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Drinking Why do you want to join Sober Squad?: I stopped Drinking Any previous Gangs: Drunk Squad
  3. https://gyazo.com/b1614d217997da2baf594c96c24952eb guilty
  4. A very much appreciate commenting your concerns and bringing to light the problems with implementing the system so people can better see the ups and downs
  5. As far as the terminal goes being illegal. I am 100% ok with that, in fact, I highly encourage it as its a rebel perk/item and rebel shit is illegal. Yes, I misunderstood your earlier comment. Now I see a problem, So, obviously having a server rule where the drone cant be used to excessively camp drugs is hard to enforce and prove it's happening. I don't have any ideas on how to combat that problem. However, I don't think this alone should push the idea completely away as it is a great way to get people playing the servers, doing shit, fighting, grinding, etc. The current talent tree is horrible and new ideas need to come into play and I think the drone being able to be purchased by rebels after grinding out 87k+ infamy is very worth it. This may be stupid but, there could be a thing where the drone is illegal too and if a cop sees a drone they can ask through group if any higher up has a drone over location x and if not they can shoot it down. Then obviously it's not "rdm" if a civ or anyone else shoots a drone down. That's just an extra precaution to having a drone up
  6. I see the upper hand in knowing people are doing drug runs. However, rebels can already go and stop all drug runs anyways. There is a little trick by checking your phone and if drug cartel goes up a little bit before it gets depoed into gang account that means someone is doing some type of drug. By seeing how much that goes up by hints at what it is. Now, with the amount of infamy needed to get this I feel it is a rewarding grind that keeps people playing and having fun which is the point to having good infamy talents. So I see what you mean by having it so high people wont notice although, this is generally already a thing people know of and don't have a problem with for lets say cops at bank or fed. Cops use drones and civs never usually know but it doesn't come down to the drone being the deciding factor. It comes down to the fight. I can have a drone and spot someone on a spot and I go push them but that does not mean they die. The drone doesn't mean that person dies the combat does. Yes drones are easy to shoot down which is why it should be 50k or whatever because thats to much to lose for something like that but I do agree they can be hard to spot if not looking for them. But again a very worthy reward for such a grind and playing the server. Well yea cops do have rules like going to drug fields every so often and rebels can go whenever they want. Thats what divides the two. The rebels do the crazy shit they do and the cops stop them but in a mannerly order following the guidelines. That's always how its been and I don't think civs should have to follow any type of rule for drones at specific areas like cops because that isn't how its ever been for anything
  7. Mind explaining the problems with the system and I could try and help the solution
  8. SGT+ have no limits on drones. Or helicopters. Rebels would need to grind the 2k 10k 25k talent before getting the 50k Infamy drone. Thats 87000 infamy. Capping a cartel gived 200 infamy so I would have to cap 435 cartels, thats 147 hours of capping cartels. Maybe even make it to where you need multiple 25k talents so it takes even longer. But I think the infamy tree needs a buff and this is a perfect rewarding branch for the tree. People on this server need to be rewarded for the grind and this is a great incentive to start grinding. Like Apex Predator is for Bounty Hunters
  9. Thats what I said. A rook can 1 tap it at 500m if you know how to aim. I guess people dont understand that 2 loadouts is to much for a piece of plastic with a camera
  10. At first I didn't like the price being that high because its like buying another whole gear set in a sense but I mean if that is what gets it added then why not.
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