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  1. We havent been entertained on this game since 2017.
  2. MY GOD YES ALL OF IT +94 THIS IS THE GOOD SHIT! Add this Gang Rank shit by Infamy in the Infamy Rework
  3. I can accept its current state thats fine I think for Uranium you need to get Lithium and maybe 1 or 2 other items (like meth) and you can either take those to a legal processor to make batteries (sells for less) or take them to a Uranium (illegal) processor and make Uranium which sells for more Hell yes Agreed I always wanted to see pcp be added as a money maker. Dont care how it ends up I like all ideas Should be yea
  4. Dont double the tempest price. The risk is already there being higher than the others and honestly with the increased server pop your gonna have to defend the fuck out of that truck or its literally easy gone
  5. After everything gets stored away and settled such as BH, Medic, Infamy etc all the things that are being reworked and we start to get content implemented and make Asylum great again we need to pool some ideas on new money making methods. Land Oil Land Oil when first introduced was a solid concept and added to Asylums money making list but was sadly very underwhelming with the Run time and money output ratio. I did a run recently and received 18k after 20 minutes or so in a Fuel Truck. Hopefully this can be buffed just a little. Should for sure be better than weed. Uranium Uranium has been brought up before and I think it would be a great edition if (like weed) midway through your run you can choose to either process the contents legally into something like batteries and sell them for a little less or make it into like full blown Uranium which is illegal at the processor and illegal to sell for more. Farming Honestly, anything as far as more legal shit sounds good and this is what I came up with. You can harvest crops at whatever the fuck field then take them to a factory or something and get them processed or whatever (im not a farmer) and then sell them. Maybe yall have some better ideas for this please let me know! PCP (Pharma) So PCP is a drug we all know was never made into something you can make and sell. I thought it would be cool if it could debut on Asylum but not only bring a new money maker to the table but a whole new "event". The Pharmaceutical could be a place like Bank, Fed, Prison, or the new thing I still have done. Now in this sense you can fight against cops to obtain money from the Pharma that collects from people processing or selling the drug. Or you could make it like other servers and you need to run a truck full of (PCP?) to a specific area and sell it before the cops get you. A third option would be making the Pharmaceutical a "cartel" like place that can be captured and fought by rebels in the end to control the PCP world however this would conflict with Drug Cartel in general. Tempest (Fuel) The Tempest (Device) being added in V2 as a great edition because who doesnt love that fucking truck. Should the Tempest (Fuel) be added with the Oil drilling script that the Fuel Truck and Hemtt Fuel have.
  6. ItsFevver

    V2 feedback

    First off, Id like to say thank you @Azeh @Gen. Henry Arnold @Jesse etc for putting countless time into this V2 project. I really enjoy the stability I experienced while playing on the test server. We ran events, had full fights in Kavala and managed to maintain frames, explosions everywhere, tons of vics pulled, and tons of prisons and banks. With all that the server hadnt lagged or crashed ONCE (untill you started dicking with some scripts). Things I personally Dislike. New vehicle UI Oil Rig Cartel (doesnt matter to much just never liked it) Way the Orca flies (I believe this was patched sometime along the test server being up first day) but at first the Orca didnt fly like it did No new content (honestly can come later and thats fine) Don't spawn with debit card. Mostly everyone donated for debit card DONT MAKE THIS A COMMUNITY GOAL Thats all I can think off that I dislike atm it is 4 am and I am tired I will add more later if I find em Features I would like to see Old Vehicle UI Repair Refuel in garage Vehicle Upgrade and Insurance Working Tow rope. Yea it sounds stupid but honestly if I could buy a towrope and have double the risk but double the vehicles for drug runs I would love this All I got for now
  7. If I see this pushing me at Arms I wouldnt be mad Id honestly sit and appreciate the skin before putting shotgun slugs through the window
  8. Good idea, I appreciate the new UI but the old one is so simplistic and nicer. The housing is an amazing touch tho
  9. Get off my castle Mitch "Hey Mitch FUCK YOU!" Slug in the throat <3
  10. @GravL 120 player slot server runs good everyone has 57 mill shotgun nuff said
  11. Honestly +1 I like the idea of new content such as this especially involving use of new dlc content such as this (besides everyone being a kkk member ) My current thought on v2 is a very over hyped update should have been labeled "Asylum Reworked" as most of the update seems to be adding dlc items and backend fixes. Which dont get me wrong is a very good thing being added and I thank the Devs and new ownership a lot for doing and taking their time for this. Also putting up with our shit. But V2 so far just seems to lack the content everyone wanted thus labeling it "Asylum V2" as if it was Asylum getting like a brand new play style in a sense was very misleading. Not to mention on test server release there are 60+ bugs found and reported so far that either havent existed before or are recurring from long ago. Which is expected because code and data tables are very ugh to write and transfer without something going wrong.
  12. Yea China number 1 I guess But like
  13. Hey Landon, stop posting k thanks
  14. Im staying up.. dont have to work tomorrow and I can go to the gym after a good gaming session on V2. Cant Stop me Jesse I have to much fuel
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