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  1. Good shit brother @Dom Keep them coming !
  2. Oh but then you would actually have to talk and RP with the cops to get a bounty reduced or pardoned instead of just sitting and waiting to be lethaled by cops and then complain about it when they dont use downing. Stop crying and complaining, we all know you dont play enough nor do you care to bring something new to the Asylum servers to try.
  3. +1 what scott said Just make it so you dont get pardon after a cop lethals you.
  4. Yes sorry everyone I meant no pardon when they get lethaled. That way gives Bounty hunters a chance to go after some bigger bountys and the cops will keep the killing down and go for downing to get a payout if they so wish. But to use the lethal ammo for a tactical advantage to push a bank,fed etc... Please lord @bamf
  5. Or a rule change would be in place with that...
  6. Oh, And @bamf no more cop lethal payouts A.K.A no bounty wipe for cops lethaling a wanted person, I think it would bring alot to asylum and open up more opportunitys for the people of asylum. I know Clint,Dk and clock are for this idea as am I.
  7. Aye Okay @bamf now Ghosthawk downing rounds
  8. +1 Good spot and idea I wouldnt worry about how close it is to legal areas there are other areas that are the same distance. @bamf would be worth to look at.
  9. Wooo Wooo Wooo Good shit brother
  10. Congratz !
  11. ^ What she said
  12. That is correct
  13. I count 6 Cartel raids for the restart
  14. Thats fucking amazing ! GREAT WORK on the editing @Pilot