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  1. Bruh wew straight up made people run circles around highway patrol outpost for pardons
  2. Spooks is gonna check the forums soon but i dont think hes gonna let it go for 150k
  4. i was gonna type that Lol
  5. Try me google
  6. was this before or after that 3hr ban for shooting in spawn? Lmao
  7. Lmao Got em
  8. Too True Lmao
  9. as far as i know bamf had nothing to do with strife it was Pratus's project
  10. ive never played it but i heard great things.
  11. If youve ever played P3 youll notice a shitty little gang called the Escobar family this clip is a pure test of their skill and team communication By far the worst gang ive encountered ever... P.S Get montaged
  12. @Toxic does toxic always talk about them selfs in the third person?
  14. Thats me Lol