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  1. Or you can go to ephedra with a tempest and gather 450 in 10mins
  2. In-game name:Blake Age:20 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): Previous gangs: Dirty Pigs | DS | CoRe | Imperium Why would you like to join our gang?: https://plays.tv/video/5d5b01a4430c5dc5d9/infamy-btw How active will you be? Very
  3. Hours: Skill: 10/10 Looks: 10/10
  4. Blake.

    V2 feedback

    Apply for the APD you have my +1
  5. Im writing a strongly worded email to bohemia
  6. You can still press "R" to reload even if you dont have the different mag type?? Also as far as the change goes i prefer it because i dont have to hear "im out of rubbers can i go lethals" 32 times a day. IMO this change was well requested and deserved and hopefully will knock down the number of "oops had lethals in" & "wrong mag"
  7. Blake.

    V2 feedback

    Dont play it then or Idk be grown ass man and deal with it
  8. While asylum is down for 12 hours lets all play Olympus and zerg absolutely everything until the servers come back
  9. Its actually really simple to do, if goyney doesnt want to do it ill take a stab at it
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