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  1. troublesome

    Gang Split

    I like this idea, let's split 2 inactive gangs into 4 inactive gangs, that will bring back gang life in a hurry!
  2. if you don't care enough, why did you post this shit then.
  3. ask your retarded brother for render settings, please for the love of god.
  4. bout time the guy does something, disbands the boys , gets contributor and goes MIA for a month. sick. @Bikstok
  5. Not true dad. Not true.
  6. That's me you were shooting, 89% health after btw. Learn to aim
  7. Alright now that the nazi regime has left we're back in business boys.
  8. Tiger says the same shit.. this is racist.
  9. Oh i'm in the video!!. I knew I had a special place in ur heart. very nice editing
  10. honestly get fucking outplayed retard.
  11. idk if u know this or not retard, but you have to wait 10 minutes no matter how close the rebel is. Also you can store it at any ATM after 10 minutes.
  12. And this my friend is why people think cops are retarded.
  13. How is it rebel sided? There's literally 3 exits, you can't fly bars out. The Big Cummer's have been back for about a month now and I have yet to see a cop put spike strips down on any gate, or even attempt to. No one has ever said the cops have to enter the fed to stop it simply just don't let the rebels leave. Rebels have to break into domes, vaults and securely transport the gold out of the fed, to a rebel, whilst being chased by APD and other Rebels (most of the time nowadays). So please explain at what point makes the fed rebel sided?
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