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  1. And this my friend is why people think cops are retarded.
  2. How is it rebel sided? There's literally 3 exits, you can't fly bars out. The Big Cummer's have been back for about a month now and I have yet to see a cop put spike strips down on any gate, or even attempt to. No one has ever said the cops have to enter the fed to stop it simply just don't let the rebels leave. Rebels have to break into domes, vaults and securely transport the gold out of the fed, to a rebel, whilst being chased by APD and other Rebels (most of the time nowadays). So please explain at what point makes the fed rebel sided?
  3. Convince @Drew to play again.
  4. <3
  5. <3
  6. Some Clips Since New Ownership Not all of Prime cheat, I'm very bad. Big Cummers are a cop killing gang anyways.
  7. No there isn't you're both faggots...
  8. As far as I know the reason it's like this is because you can be pardoned on medic whilst ur rebel bounty would not show, and both rebel and medic would be pardoned. was abused a lot back in the day.
  9. With the old prison, people would exploit out and shank whoever was doing prison breaks / cops to stop prison breaks. shit was hilarious
  10. Congrats @Azeh do work son.
  11. idc about the clips, I want to know the song name mate.
  12. Sounds pretty homo. even with the "no homo"
  13. Yeah dude, didn't you hear Synergy is back. Check the forums
  14. You disgust me. filthy pig
  15. Synergy's back check the forums nerds.