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Mitch (IFRIT)

Asylum Announcement: New Q&A Section

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Hello all,

In an effort to bring transparency to Asylum, we have created a section where you can ask your honest questions. There is a slight format requirement to allow us to easily understand your question. It's provided at the top of the new forum section under the "Life Discussion". @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood @Leady and I will provide any answers to the questions posted there. Note, this is not a "How to" section. If you have questions about server mechanics ETC. Please Visit the Asylum Wiki, or speak to a support team member. They can be found in the "Staff Directory" 

Asylum Q&A






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@Mitch (IFRIT), I think it would be useful if you started adding keywords to your titles. I know you probably like using "Asylum Announcement" to get people's attention, but other folks will start getting lost among many similar titles when reading previous announcements:




"Asylum Announcement: New Q&A Section"

"Asylum Announcement: Server 3"

"Asylum Announcement: Database Issues"

"Asylum Announcement: Asylum Ownership"


Maybe these would be better? :)

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