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Deazy Johnson

Event Etiquette

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So @Ba-KA and I have been  brainstorming some new ideas (mostly @Ba-KA) and we are very excited about some of them. That being said before we roll these out and start testing/executing them we would like to set up some ground rules so that incidents in the past don't repeat themselves.


  1. Events are meant to be fun for EVERYONE, not just one faction/team/group.  
  2. If you stumble upon an event (unlikely, but it does happen), turn around or risk death
  3. APD Officers/White-listed individuals are held to a higher standard (Always have, always will).
    1. Always act PROFESSIONAL 
    2. Always act COURTEOUS
    3. AGAIN, you are held to a higher standard, good rule of thumb, if you have to ask, its probably not okay.
  4. No pop shoots / Shooting before the event starts
  5. No killing/downing anyone waiting to partake
  6. Its okay to talk shit, we highly recommend it, but LISTEN to instructions.
  7. There will likely be an "Event Coordinator".  Most the time its @Ba-KA when I host them, but some support members are likely helping as well.  Listen to them. Their names will have "event" in them.  
    1. Impersonators will be kicked and asked to change their names
  8. Event STARTS and ENDS with an admin message.  The zues bolts you hear are the sounds of someone(s) being killed.
  9. No excessive trolling.  Events are meant to be FUN for EVERYONE.

*This is not meant to be an exhausted list of ground rules for events, and each admin might have their own; however, this is a BASIC list of guidelines I have made to help ensure events go a lot smoother.


Failure to follow these will likely result in your death and/or followed by a BAN, because again, events are meant to be FUN for EVERYONE.

A friendly reminder that "Administrators have the right to place bans for things that are not necessarily written that we feel to be toxic or threatening to the community."


 TL;DR Don't be a Jerk, don't be an idiot, be patient, and listen to the instructions given.  

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1 minute ago, Deazy Johnson said:


I prefer to spam the admin running the event "TP ME" cus im to lazy to suicide to kavala

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1. Events are meant to be fun for EVERYONE, not just one faction/team/group.   
This is what has california in such a mess. 

2. no

9. I have fun excessively trolling, so why cant i have fun? Racist prick. :D

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Just now, Lone Ranger said:


Well you know what they say $100 is $100 shit i'd mow down half of Kavala for $100 too...

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