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  1. Just curious why do I get the honor of being in your song?
  2. Never really use the compass anyway. Unless im fighting, and it takes less than a second to see the direction and call it out. So please no extra stuff on my screen.
  3. Would be more annoying than anything tbh.
  4. Everybody have to start somewhere, it's his first montage give him a break.
  5. One of the best spots for fighting, you will see it eventually Crunchedd. (Hopefully) And watch out for the little chapel on the island
  6. Fucking lovely. No more people getting paid for doing legit nothing.
  7. It was Durga. Told everyone to get of the server. I remember that.
  8. Yeah all because of that thread Sean
  9. I have a flying goat in gold, will boost your exp alot
  10. Wrong, We all know the primary weapon. Lethals