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  1. The season is so rushed and bad. A big let down from the biggest tv show ever.
  2. nah not that one.
  3. Find the song in the background from the timestamp and ill give you 1M. And yes im looking at alot of game of thrones videos.
  4. A moderator who breaks the rules?
  5. Hopefully the stairs on the bank work out, im afraid it's gonna be a lagfest but let's give it a go. And as someone else said hopefully the evidence thingy is not stacked with pdw's and trg's. Letting people use the specific mods again is a mistake, but hopefully it's realised and removed again. All in all tho a good patch.
  6. War rating was only a big thing when it first came. The hype was over after like 50 people had warlord.
  7. Im so confused, why does every change have to be compromised? Like legit when has that ever happened? A civ using the van to get into an HQ?
  8. The prison is not that big of a deal tbh, the fed is more of a concern in regards to the vans. Because you got so much more to lose at the fed than the prison. 99 % of the time someone does a PB it's for the fight, at the fed people are trying to get money ( sometimes atleast ). And now when the big gangs are gone really. So super big fed have not happened since god knows when.
  9. The APD should be able to adapt, but they are not. A smash and grab here and there is not that big of a deal tbh, been done for ages and even more back in time. I mean the van will obviously not have a factor in a smash grab, unless it's already on the walls of the fed.
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