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  1. Alot of work needs to be put down. Contact our recruiter @Sean That Irish Guy
  2. Haha for some reason when we play im holding mid now. And as someone else said that crosshair placement is debatable.
  3. Hahaha Baka <3
  4. Thanks man. Take care on here!
  5. Never told me you were a true stud buddy @Alec-I
  6. Take care bro! Will miss you to.
  7. Hahaha never thought I would ever make something like this ever. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made my time on Asylum a fucking blast. I wish only the best for the community and I hope one day it goes back to the servers it once was. Big Rod aka Sniperod out! ps. if you get shot in the back from 1km now its not me, most likely a bot with no aim.
  8. Haha nothing to worry about Aleec. You can join our csgo squad, you can take @Sean That Irish Guy spot. Pretty much everyone in Nv is not even playing anymore, we are on the rift or playing csgo now.
  9. I will trust me, ill miss you to. But remember our snap group is popping
  10. DarkKnight will be pleased now Wonder what he is going to complain about now when we rips his head off 9 times before he log
  11. The law breaking fund have now come to an end bois