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  1. Sooo.. If anyone want's an admin pov of all this. Let's start with the Wolf guy who got subbed in before the gang war was supposed to start. Jaconite texted Smarty about the change they had to do because they would miss one player if they didn't sub him in. Smarty did not see the message so they assumed it was fine to do, I totally understand they want to play in the gang wars 10v10. I were helping them checking PID's and then I see Wolf's playerid don't match with one of the players in the registration. And we thought about DQ'ing Insomnia off the bat. And the reason for that it's clearly stated in the rules for the wars, if the pid's don't match you will be DQ'd. But then I talked with Jaconite and the told me him texted Smarty about the problem, Smarty could not remember it, but he closed the message before giving them a reply. Im not blaming anyone for this, but Smarty got spammed hard yesterday like anyone else, alot of people wanted to talk with him about everything. I told Smarty we should let them play but take Wolf out. And when it comes to the VDM...... I were talking with Jaconite a little bit yesterday after the gang wars. And as I told him aswell, the only true problem was the gang member shooting the guy who got rammed with the ifrit. And I have to admit it looks a little bit like an accident. Hard to tell cause of the camera angle. But everyone know's what can happen in the heat of the moment, we have all fucked up one or twice. What he did is also clearly stated in the rules, VDM is not allowed in any case. And as said accidents can happen, the only true problem was the guy who shot the rammed guy. So everyone have to try and look at this from both sides, ofc the DQ'd team will be upset/mad about getting DQ'd. And ofc the other team feels it's deserved. Im not taking any side in this, but remember it's impossible to make everyone pleased. Atleast on Asylum Please keep this thread semi clean and it wont be locked.
  2. Go with the plain ones. And the orange one looks sexy asf, ohh my.
  3. I remember the struggle when I started playing, my friend told me to drive from Kavala to Sofia on a quad.
  4. Just to clarify im pretty sure all the admins know that the really big gangs back in the day kept the servers packed.
  5. Sorry man, just wish I ever played civ.
  6. I just want to say one thing about all this they don't listen to our ideas. You have to remember like legit 98 % of the ideas are so dumb and not actually possible to go trough with. And most of them are just for people to have it easier on the server, with more money etc for fuck all effort. Don't get me wrong some of the ideas are actually good aswell, but the majority is actually pretty bad.
  7. True dat bro. Relax, I made him use the Mk-18 MRCO eventually. Took him a while to understand @Bikstok
  8. MRCO would be a good start.
  9. Montage started -> ARCO -> Closed montage.
  10. Hahaha if that was case.
  11. Maybe
  12. Eeeh, not really something that is needed. There is no place for it tbh. You can already snipe far enough with the mk's.