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  1. My best advice is to find people to play with asap. A small group would make you enjoy the game to the max. That's the only reason I have played this game since the day I bought it.
  2. Most overpriced house in the community yeah.
  3. You can try your luck with @The Monopoly Man or
  4. Nutty asf
  5. Hahaha, good to see you are coming back. Just don't co-op with other gangs this time
  6. Haha damn. Welcome back.
  7. There is no need for MXM's for civs. Tbh they should not even have an Mx
  8. It's not about the fight tbh. It's more of the waste of time with cops coming in. With something they can't even benefit from.
  9. From a rebel heavy point of view im pretty certain there is actually no reason/valid reason for cops to raid a cartel. There was never one before. I can't see why there is any need for the cops to go there either. What is this gonna do for any of the sides? (Cop/Rebel) And they have to bring armor? Just to try and make it more pleasing for the rebels? Incase they win they can chop a Strider/Hunter for 15k? Im sorry to say but ME personally can't see any positive sides or reasons for this to be a thing. But what do I know, only a corporal And if anyone is actually able to give me ONE valid/good reason for this to be a thing I would legit be surprised.
  10. @Sugarfoot As a dev? <3
  11. Dwarf bro.
  12. Young Boris how is it going bro?
  13. " Career cop with 5k hours as rebel " Hahahaha
  14. Different ideas about this thing has been brought up alot trough the years of Asylum, always been concluded not to be a thing. Hopefully it continues that way.