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  1. The old prison back in.
  2. Im confused man, like what is this thread about like. I mean if people kept uploading shit like this I would look like a Kavala banger. Got turned on yesterday in Kavala by a random called John with his deadly ACP. You mean my laugh? Have you even heard it?
  3. All in good fun bro.
  4. Get rekt career cop Clinty
  5. All fixed lads. Just had to autodetect all my settings and put them back to my old ones. Thank you all for the help
  6. 144hz in both windows and arma
  7. Im just gonna go and tilt in a corner. Peace out lads.
  8. Nothing happens when I do that.
  9. Im 100% sure I have played with fullscreen since day one. Not fullscreen windowed.
  10. That's what I mean my bad.
  11. 100% it was fullscreen and not fullscreen windowed. Since when I alt+tabbed I could see my taskbar and all the shit that's on it. And you can't do that with fullscreen windowed.
  12. Yeah.
  13. No, I might have to try that
  14. Tried everything possible. And it's fucking tilting me so damn hard