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  1. Jesus the pilots at that atm was something else
  2. Enabled for lyf
  3. 10/10
  4. It's been confirmed
  5. Some cop I didn't even know was there and I was busy killing other bountyhunters bro I was so damn confused tho like, I just heard something Rodrigo and heard the sound of the restrain popping. Kinda rude when im killing civs :/
  6. Fucking lovely m8
  7. A true masterpiece m8.
  8. Alot of work needs to be put down. Contact our recruiter @Sean That Irish Guy
  9. Haha for some reason when we play im holding mid now. And as someone else said that crosshair placement is debatable.
  10. Never told me you were a true stud buddy @Alec-I
  11. Haha nothing to worry about Aleec. You can join our csgo squad, you can take @Sean That Irish Guy spot. Pretty much everyone in Nv is not even playing anymore, we are on the rift or playing csgo now.