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  1. That's what a pussy would say <3
  2. I know where it is, never used it never will
  3. That orca on the right, are you afraid of getting shot Rogue?
  4. Haha look at this fellah, coming out from his hibernation.
  5. I mean " Nice job man "
  6. I hit you to 0 HP......
  7. Not a bad K/d, is that your K/d @Dom?
  8. Hahaha okey what's your rank? and elo?
  9. Link your faceit profile?
  10. The Witcher 3. Best single player game ever made.
  11. There is a few powerlines you can legit fly trough, just need to know which one
  12. Haha ofc it had to be @Ken. on that quad.