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  1. @Coonigan looks like your at a 0 still
  2. fucking lsd dabs and shrooms in 1 night
  3. What fucking strain of weed are you on?
  4. Fuck it give em a downing A-10
  5. I wasnt bipoded but ok lol
  6. the forums and servers are different things
  7. you got it all wrong *In a career cop gang running meth and fighting cops all day* "Im tabbed in for my fights but no one ever comes" "if they do come its a raid" "NO ONE FUCKING FIGHTS ANYMORE"
  8. 2016 2017 2016 2016 ya know when asylum had updates every week and a constant player base and people fought cartels
  9. Ive been here for years Why would I use a tacvest when I can use csat and carrier lite
  10. 1. Cop clips are about the only fucking fights we get now 2. I clipped the killing Arctic in Therisa that had Sdars because it was included in the 6 kills on them. I included exg kills at tower drug because they are shitters and I held all them off with 3 clips and an sdar 3. The one guy in the prowler did know I was there he was pushing to N hill to block me with prowler and get height on guys in cap. 4. How bout you fuck off Jamal and go give criticism to someone else drunk bastard
  11. Because it was part of 6 kills and Fuck Arctic
  12. It was part of 7 kill video and why are you afk in a fight? Tf
  13. cant use vpns on asylum rn he would have to clear it with admins
  14. because I had clips and why not
  15. It is