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  1. homicide?
  2. that shit aint arma you shootin at the attack heli in rust with incendiary bullets tf
  3. you know this relates to all of us. and gagss told me I should so why not
  4. oh fuck people have some good points... I was greedy and wanted more houses then i realised im only prominent and I should prolly fuck off
  5. I refuse to view anything about forklift unless its a video about it being shut down for good
  6. @Poseidon do something like this? [if cocaine_pit=exist, then cocaine_pit=vertical] if you couldnt tell IDK HOW TO FUCKING CODE
  7. thats not true people have a good time at church. As far as drug goes, tower is typically easier to defend and house cap is easier to push. I could see the voting option being good
  8. Idk but we are all focused on server preformance fixes before this community sees new changes like this
  9. Oh please those dp missions are shit cash. Lots of servers have trucking missions trafficing different things legal and illegal
  10. +1 on the first one I always thought we should have a form of trucking missions. but... the servers eh?
  11. @MoldyLunchbox @EthanS @Donald Clinton
  12. wheres the Sliick option?
  13. we have suppressors in the server but cops only get them for their po7 and can put it on all 9mm guns other than that we dont have any