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  1. good times kavala pistol banging. Still, have the kidnapping video?
  2. SOLD TO @Wade Wilson FOR 5 FIGURES! that @bamf turned down...
  3. no
  4. just keep spinning...
  5. no lol its not preference. mk1 and mk18 is all preference using semi at that close range means your piss poor shit at the game
  6. double tap c... go full auto... learn to shoot out a pilot first.... get fingers....
  7. :)

  8. fuck you @Ba-KA I am a god at flying and you shot me out by accident! Jeep Sweep is my Alias btw <3
  9. no
  10. You get a cheeseburger you greasy fuck
  11. Ill give ya a nickel for a dollar
  12. No this is pre-Bratva v7. You must've liked me because you talked to someone to get me in. If you didn't like me you should've told Luke to ban me from ts then
  13. fuck your right I didn't account for (Person X's) weight and Maaqs you can suck your own hypocritical dick because your the fucker that played with me crasher, Boon, Christian, etc
  14. Cant argue there
  15. cant help ya there sorry