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  1. @Goku @Reapered
  2. 111

  3. I like it. Wish I could craft scopes to so when I make an mk I dont go to reb just for my fucking ARCO/MRCO waste of time +1
  4. What we focus on is the 2 turned around are the Team Autistics there to yell at us. Paul Jackson and Mason are the extra meatshields and guns. Me Church and Homeuser are the carries
  5. Keep it up Maaqs <3 love you bb
  6. why is it that I still dont have my tags
  7. Oh ok. I dont care people can see it, it just looks unclean with the numbers to me. Thank you
  8. Oh so I was right. Why is my pid showing on my post
  9. And for the love of Alec Spazeed can cops please change their profile names
  10. Can you send a screenshot of where you put our player id?
  11. First
  12. @revise I think its time for a job performance review...
  13. AIR FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!