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  1. House has a new owner and with it the rules have changed Asking price: 1 mil
  2. You gotta watch pawn stars more, you will learn to haggle
  3. 525k
  4. 500k
  5. He is good enough not to DIE, yet gets arrested 3 times a day.
  6. Can confirm
  7. congrats cukofuko

  8. A kajman appears just as clint connects
  9. Congratz on CoP rod, make us proud.
  10. 258k
  11. Hello ,admin. This is the real reasson why i did this. I was playing with my friend and then we kinda got into a fight , that led to him removing me from the gang , he also killed me when i tried to talk to him in-game.I got extremely mad and decided to play with an old friend.I didnt have any money to revange. I was desperate. I though that maybe if i dupe just a bit to make enough money i wouldt get catched. But I was a fool and made the biggest mistake i ever made on this game. I am deply sorry and i really hope i can play again on this server. Also you can wipe my account if you feel.Do everything necessary

  12. Can you upload to better quality so we know who we have to laugh at. ty
  13. ^ Memes william
  14. We got ourselves a real mystery lads, better call scooby doo
  15. Ill jump on this aswell if anyone has a kavala house im interested