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  1. @The Monopoly Man
  2. Ill teach you all the ins and outs of the APD lad, just be a good shooter
  3. Wrong house spear chucker
  4. I can, but it seems this is the way cool kids are doing it these days so i just wanted to fit in
  5. Thats the first thing every career cop says
  6. Disgusting people
  7. Didnt know you started streaming
  8. Clearly not a fedora even says so in the name
  9. You could never buy a straw hat at a rebel, trust me on that one as i fought hard since 2014 for it to be a thing. You can only buy that camo fedora shit
  10. The day Sijanec became a career cop
  11. Did you get something nice for wolfbane with all dem discounts?
  12. Indeed i did
  13. We in the fedora nation arent racist to any kind of fedoras (however straw hat is prefered)