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  1. SoT

    @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Can you plez add a betting channel for us professionals to share bets and enjoy watching games. Tyvm im at work lad
  2. S2 ill sell it to you for cheap
  3. good talk
  4. Leaked photo of Norwegian leaving his house
  5. You can always donate to me WIlliam, you know my paypal
  6. Shit, abort!! They are onto me
  7. If a bounty target combat logs on you after you have caught/downed them; it is not our policy to provide guaranteed compensation for the monetary value you would have received if you had succeeded in arresting them. You may request compensation for this; however we are free to decline based on a variety of factors. This is what the policy says regarding it. However in reality it depends on the person doing the request. Catch me on my drunk day and you might get the full comp
  8. Fedora law was the shit
  9. An arabian runnin around with a mk1, i know right.
  10. Smarty you are already a LT, no need to @ everyone
  11. Mongs will be mongs
  12. One and only Ronda Rousey
  13. Why bother with another gang war, just give all the rewards to Nv
  14. Its not us stealing kills its you not being able to aim to save your life. @Norwegianviking