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  1. Clearly not a fedora even says so in the name
  2. You could never buy a straw hat at a rebel, trust me on that one as i fought hard since 2014 for it to be a thing. You can only buy that camo fedora shit
  3. The day Sijanec became a career cop
  4. Did you get something nice for wolfbane with all dem discounts?
  5. Indeed i did
  6. We in the fedora nation arent racist to any kind of fedoras (however straw hat is prefered)
  7. Fedora law Everyone seen not wearing one gets a bullet
  8. Dont break server rules?
  10. FYI

    Stop smoking or atleast invite me when you do it
  11. Rashford gonna do what? hahahahahah Nearly as bad as Giroud
  12. Np Tony we got you Football is comming home tommorow
  13. How to win the world cup in 4 easy steps feat Croatia Step 2: Russia
  14. Just trying to save you the trouble of buying a shit watch Derek
  15. Invicta is a shit watch make. Wasnt a mistake lad believe me. They are the only ones who fluctuate that much when it comes to price.