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  1. Fedora law was the shit
  2. An arabian runnin around with a mk1, i know right.
  3. Smarty you are already a LT, no need to @ everyone
  4. Mongs will be mongs
  5. One and only Ronda Rousey
  6. Why bother with another gang war, just give all the rewards to Nv
  7. Its not us stealing kills its you not being able to aim to save your life. @Norwegianviking
  8. Sucks you cant go to arms and meth cartel on street view
  9. This aint a place for hand holding you used the scope to kill cops, its beyond me someone would allow you to save it. Also it costs less than 1k for the love of god. That got me so pissed yesterday.
  10. Cukofuko 3 mil So Gnashes isnt on my ass for scripting money
  11. +1