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  1. 10/10 cadet. Was the best thing this morning
  2. Ask for a top up and fill it even more next time. Some of the boys could use a pick up
  3. I have unlimited amounts of black mk1s for sale (Not corruption) 25k per, holla at me
  4. That guy is a legend, if you finished watching The fall of Yugoslavia you would understand. Dont be an uncultured swine
  5. Where do you find songs like this krypton? Do you go to youtube and search gay anthems of 2018 or what?
  6. Leaked photo of Big Ray prior to that '''accident''
  7. Never talked to him. But you guys should mine some more salt on your discord
  8. You guys are legit mad. Keep it up
  9. Pocket admin, just for wrong gang
  10. Not really, killing time at work while laughing at you lads. But sure in discord say im mad
  11. You boys are getting shit on by that gang day by day and now its everyones fault. I never talked to you before yet you seem to know a lot about me. You do you
  12. Good one, bet you got used to the smell while you were banned for ddos, time to hop back to olympus
  13. Unsure who im talking to but carry on
  14. Im not the banning admin, i dont know his record. Unsure why you qoute me
  15. Ask your gang mate what happend after i banned him. Its your decision to lift or hold a ban. Not every admin is a douche, but hey keep talking shit and blame everyone
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