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•ÐŠ• Randy

Star wars trailer

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5 hours ago, Donald Clinton said:

I was bored until I heard Palpatine’s laugh at the end

do u think he actually survived?

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I'd rather have a high-quality Star Wars game made by say Bioware than any Star Wars movie made by Disney. Star Wars is just money for Disney, Lucas Films made these films with a passion for science fiction. 

Just my 2 cents.

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Disney killed star wars with their SJW bullshit and lack of understanding basic lore.

Just the fact space all the sudden have fucking gravity somehow or that you can become a fricking Jedi without any training.

I wont be surprised if they add microtransactions at the cinemas.

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7 minutes ago, •ÐŠ• Randy said:

i mean this has always been a thing in star wars its nothing new. I think people watch it because its entertaining not because they want to watch a space documentary 

Hey, at least the turbo lasers and ion cannons went in a straight line compared to whatever the dreadnaught was firing.

And don't get me started on the bombs which fell straight "down" in the middle of a zero G space fight.


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