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how aslyum is tryin to come back and you're being held back by your shit admin team and highher ranks of the police force. LOL!!! cant stress than enough. your retarded human beings with power are the reason ur server is fucked. the server has great mechanics/locations, ect which is why its essential to have higher minds in charge @Subaru ur a fuckin shit admin btw

give power to children with childish mindsets and your server will die, like it already did, due to their personal emotions/friends getting in the way

fire all of your shitty staff and put me in charge and ill make asylum great again.

unban all those for combat logging/ban evading/rdm and make kavala a combat log free zone (on 1 server) and youll have 4 full servers again. k virgins?

k? good? stfu

#legendary#rapidkillz#1#bring back dirty money so i can roach for 17 hours a day

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1 hour ago, The Forgotten Legend said:

nope. and my point exactly. ur small minded brain cant think of anything else to say lmao asylum was fucked for years cuz of their shit admin team/cops and u think ur going to say that?

How can you call anyone small minded when you make a retarded post like this?

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You know Asylum is great and it has withstood the trial of time! I would love to see you develop and create and amazing server with such a dedicated fan base as Asylum has. The reason you feel this way is yes Asylum has changed and dont get me wrong I hate dealing with younger kids on this server as well but we were all in their shoes at one point. Asylum is what you make of it if you sit around and complain and moan about the staff and higher ups in the APD just because they didn't do what you wanted is bs. I think you need too reevalute your point and get an idea as a whole what this server is about! because I can promise you its not dying and its not going anywhere anytime soon bud!

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