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Green money making zones

Hoodlum Priest

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I think safe zones need to be implemented. Areas where new players can gather supplies and figure out ways of making some spending cash without geting raped. How many brand new players log in, start mining diamonds just to get ganked at the processor and have their shit stolen?

How many of them log off and never come back?

I think if new players were given the ability to get their feet on the ground before dumbasses like DH rob the shit out of them, that might help retain those guys that login in once and never come back.

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8 hours ago, Austin M said:

Yes, and no. I actually tabbed back in after clipping that and for what ever reason I’ll never learn that right click = left click in arma…

In my experience, what it is is arma registering any left clicks you made while tabbed out when you re open the game. I’ve tabbed out and tested not clicking anything, and I never shot when I re opened arma but when I do click, I do shoot sometimes. 

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