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Transparency of the ban.


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8 hours ago, manhua said:

I think we should publicize the content of the ban to take action or not to take action. If he takes action, what punishment does he get? If he does not take action, what is the reason. This can prevent the abuse of admin permissions...

Action Taken does not always mean a ban has been placed. We do not need to justify why a ban was not placed but most of the time we do explain the reason. We also have 3 Senior admins you can reach out to

also regarding that video, its DH you are fighting and when you exit the ifrit that other ifrit is already flying full speed at you and with chinese players ping you may have still been inside for them. They probably arent aware of what caused you to go flying but you could request comp for the loadout but I personally wouldnt ban the player for that situation

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20 minutes ago, Mayhem said:

所采取的行动并不总是意味着已被禁止。我们不需要证明为什么没有实施禁令,但大多数时候我们会解释原因。我们还有 3 位高级管理员,您还可以

就该视频联系您. 他们可能不知道是什么导致你飞起来,但你可以要求补偿,但我个人不会因为这种情况禁止玩家

What you said is right. This is an American server. I shouldn't bother you. I'm really sorry.

23 minutes ago, Bandit said:

将我的名字更改为 DS | 土匪

Yes, no problem, mouse king

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since this topic is asking for more information on actions taken and what not 
can we just stop hiding the player reports, man i really don't want to apply for mod, but if that's the only way i get to see people cry about the most basic things... (still surprised i havent been banned yet recently)

Or leroys comps i want to personally go through every single one and add up the numbers of how much money has been pumped back into the economy just by his comp requests (I like numbers because i play asylum which automatically makes me autistic , and an alcoholic) 

Make asylum bans great again 

With kind regards


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12 hours ago, Aluka said:

For example, bandit sheltered his DS partner and closed my appeal. A simple VDM rule, I applied for a report again, but he threatened me to report that I would be banned again. This administrator's practice opened my eyes.https://youtu.be/jw5l_UDjWX8

have you tried not being a retard? the guy that rammed your ifrit obviously didn’t know you had jumped out. it was literally like 1 second between you being out of the ifrit and him ramming the ifrit. and you literally saw him driving straight towards you for a solid 5 seconds before you even ejected.

you just wanted to report because you probably lost the fight lmao

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17 hours ago, Patato said:

是否已经到了月刊“Manhua 被禁止/没有得到他想要的东西并在论坛上哭泣/声称每个管理员都是种族主义者”的时候了


17 hours ago, Patato said:

是否已经到了月刊“Manhua 被禁止/没有得到他想要的东西并在论坛上哭泣/声称每个管理员都是种族主义者”的时候了

I'm innocent, please don't talk about me,

2 hours ago, Clint Beastwood said:



Because you are handsome.

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