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Changelog pre-august

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Just a quick little patch with mostly bugfixes and some suggested changes


  • A transparancy slider for house markers
  • Complete rewrite of the revive system to improve maintainability (now actually added)
  • New mental asylum design
  • Vehicle airdrop random event


  • Seizing items/weapons is now available everywhere in police HQ's
  • Mental asylum logic
    • Priming the thermite now takes 5 minutes instead of 10
    • Hacking the laptops takes 10 minutes instead of 15
    • You now have 10 minutes to grab the loot and go
    • Can no longer be buried by cops because of the short loot window
    • Mental asylum patient remains spawn inside the asylum now
  • Adjusted the pyrgos HQ spawnpoints
  • Made the new horns louder


  • PM 9mm ammo is now purchasable from the cop shop
  • Restrain timer actually works now
  • Up-Armored quest progression
  • Retrieving backpacks into a vehicle from the exchange storage
  • Skin not found error for Caesar BTT
  • Timing issue with the shipping robbery event
  • Burn barrels
  • Protest signs staying on disconnect
  • Vehicles staying persistent after a restart


  • All raw meat from the market since barrels/campfires can now be placed in cities



Hotfix #1

  • New Athira HQ
  • Remove house buying warning for shop houses
  • Fixed SWAT spawns for the mental asylum
  • Added garages to the Asylum Exchange
  • Hid some tree's near mental Asylum

Hotfix #2

  • Fixed Athira HQ walls

Hotfix #3

  • Actually fixed Athira HQ this time, Yikes
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