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A Post I Didn't Want To Make


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Greetings fellow asylum gamers.


I am reluctantly making this post to announce my departure from the community.


I first started playing in early 2015 after seeing FrankieonPC play altis life and Lakeside joined a random server and it was asylum, from carrying @Luke SwagWalker during my kavala days and making many friends along the way I met some great people and I am sad it has to come to an end. Due to starting a new job and getting a life (weird I know) I no longer have the time to play a game I no longer enjoy, over 4 and a half years of playing and 9k hours has finally made me hang up my MK. In regard to V2 and the future I wish @Clint Beastwood and @Jesse the best in furthering the community and potentially reviving Asylum.


A few key people during my time on asylum





@Luke SwagWalker


@Mr Berry


@Clint Beastwood




@The Monopoly Man




There are loads more but I really couldn't name them all.

My DM's are always open xx

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How the fuck did luke swagwalker get 2 mentions. kys luke
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