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Changelog - (Almost) Halloween


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Just wanna point out how amazing the new house light colors are. This accomplishes absolutely nothing game-wise yet makes the experience a whole lot cooler. Need more 'personalization' changes like this. Is the purchasing of intractable furniture feasible? I'd love that. In regards to the rest of the updates, no matter what other ungrateful players say, they're for the better as a whole. Good job, Team Asylum.

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Hotfix #1 and #2:

  • Fixed an anticheat false positive for cops.
  • Disabled APB until it can be looked at properly (caused issues for cops: lag, delays, redgulls not working etc).
  • Fixed 2 other script errors.
  • Fixed gang house changing/removing being possible for ranks below 1.
  • Fixed the normal and supervisor medic Hatchback Sport skins being swapped.
  • Fixed medic Rhib skin only covering half of the boat.
  • Fixed the convoy event taking money with an insufficient amount of cops online.
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3 hours ago, Azeh said:

Added Altis Shipping Robbery

  • Started on the pier at Athira Chop Shop.
  • 3 different tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the risk and reward.
  • Deliver the vehicle to a drop-off point to receive a large amount of cash.
  • APD can track the transport vehicle.


Amazing, never seen anything of the sorts in my life. Such a brilliant idea so new and unseen before. Cant wait to do this next time I install arma 3 again!

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Hotfix #3 (goes live when the server restarts):

  • Fixed requirements to use the medic Rhib skin.
  • Fixed inability to purchase aging barrels for houses.
  • Fixed gang creation being abrupted if you were already in a group.
  • Fixed alcohol aging (server shouldn't be as laggy as it's been so far this update).
  • Fixed the ability to check your own charges.
  • Tweaked the blur effect when near vehicle smokes.
  • Added more civilian slots.
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5 hours ago, HunnarisHere said:

I believe there is a glitch where if you buy an aging barrel or any house upgrade, you get a notification saying it couldnt find your property..... It takes your money and doesnt add the barrel, and/or said house upgrade.

PM me the house ID, found at the top of the house menu

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On 10/27/2020 at 10:02 AM, DankBud said:

Could you look into the ifrit smokes again,got smoked off by 2 smokes an its was bad,blurry i get kinda make it more difficult to see so you dont smoke glitch sure,but being blind by the smokes is to much imho....gonna make ifrits useless again.

Make if you briefly run through the smoke you have minimal effects but if you sit in the smoke long enough you should have those effects imo 

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Hotfix #5:

  • Fixed plane crash markers not deleting.
  • Fixed SWAT van.
  • Fixed the naming of the Hatchback Sport subscriber skin.
  • Fixed some issues regarding the graveyard admin event.
  • Fixed some issues regarding the cop vehicle shop for certain ranks/roles.
  • Fixed stat tracking for coffee consumption.
  • Fixed the "Drop" button being disabled for cops in the warrant role.
  • Fixed syncing near the prison causing your loadout to be wiped.
  • Re-added APB.
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