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Mitch (IFRIT)

VDM Rule feedback

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Hello all,

Obviously I missed the mark when issuing the new VDM rule to the server. After some recent events, they highlighted how this rule can better serve the community. As stated elsewhere, the admins were enforcing the direction I put out in regards to handling the VDM reports, and took the appropriate and necessary action where requested. This situation at hand falls on my shoulders as I bear the responsibility for it.

Moving on...

I made a revision to the rule for us to all follow. I believe this better reflects what I was trying to accomplish before. I would like to hear your thoughts on this edit before it's made "Live".


Intentional contact between vehicles that directly causes loss of life, or the disablement or destruction of the vehicle is considered VDM. Also, repeated attempts at intentional contact that fail to cause immediate injury or loss will also be considered VDM since it's clear of the intent behind the actions.


Thank you,


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9 hours ago, cHIP oTLE said:

There’s a VERY fine line between disabling the vehicle and killing the occupants in the process... thanks arma 

That's the price you pay for fucking somebody's shit up, it's hilarious when someone owes 500k. But at the same time its been apart of the server for years, I understand growth and change but at the same time somethings need to stay the same.

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