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6 hours ago, william said:

miss the old admins tbh none of these mongos that have been roaming the streets of kavala for an hour once every 2 weeks for a year. dunno who half these dummies are nowadays

would be awesome if we didn't have rat admins who ban people for fucking with their rat gangs.

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2 hours ago, Clint Beastwood said:

Oh no you definitely did, still have a log of it and everything from where you reside.  Just know that I can hang you anytime I want to.  So please step back in line

Too funny Clint man, I’m sure you will send the police to my house just like Mitch said he sent them to OSB’s house.

We all know you’re just trying to act like a big guy in front of everybody. I didn’t break no fuckin laws.


FYI I have video evidence of not previous staff but also some current staff (FRIENDS OF YOURS) of doxxing people that I have kept quiet out of respect for you because believe it or not, I didn’t ever do the shit you think I did to you that you still hold a grudge over. 

Ban me from this idc, Asylum is long over with for me. Goodbye.

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