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Change log 8.0.5


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A quick update to address a few quality of life items on the rebel side:  

  • The federal reserve has been reinforced with razor wire on top of most areas of the sandbags.  
  • The Bank of Altis has moved back to Pyrgos.  
  • The price of gold bars has increased.  
  • Orca crafting prices have been adjusted due to the change in Orca purchase price.  
  • Misc. bug fixes.  

Hotfix 1:

  • Changed the barbed wire at the federal reserve.  Still a work in progress.
  • Changed the radius for the bank robbery charge to better fit the area in Pyrgos.
  • Added a marker to show the illegal area when the bank is being robbed in Pyrgos.
  • Patched a window at the bank.  
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@bamf @Gnashes

Possibly a couple of minor bugs if you wouldn't mind looking into them.

1) Running for governor under the name "Gnashes" then changing your name to "Gnashes X" will make people unable to vote you for governor. 

2) When using adrenaline shot ; potentially invincible to being downed?

3) Killing someone after 1 minute marker pops up, chance of losing all gear.

I'm sure y'all are already aware of these, but in the slightest chance you're not & able to easily fix, sure it wouldn't hurt. <3

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