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Change log 8.2.3

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First off, a big shout out to @Windmere and @Gen. Henry Arnold for the bug fixes in this patch.  They have both spent a good deal of time going through and fixing bugs that have been reported.  

Now for the notes:  

  • Y inventory should no longer fall through buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to get into vehicles while their hands are up or while they are repairing.
  • Fixed an exploit related to parole.
  • Lieutenants & Captains now spawn with IR lasers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Add IR Laser (Lethal)" action for Lieutenants and Captains to delete their IR laser if they don't have a primary weapon.
  •  Fixed a bug that allowed people to lockpick vehicles while inside of a vehicle.
  • The Sync button on the phone will now fix the Arma naked bug in addition to syncing player data.
  • Players can no longer sync their location while inside of the Federal Reserve.
  • Fixed an illegal gathering exploit.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed cops to restrain other cops.
  • Default gang rank upon joining a gang is now 4 down from 3.
  • Gank rank of 4 can no longer access gang house storage.
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10 minutes ago, Bubble Bass said:

@bamf when are you planning on telling people who you are selling Asylum to?

ssst still discussing it oops now you know it.. fuckt it  i buy it for 1 olympus dollar

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