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Mod Applications Open

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Moderator applications are open. If you are interested in joining the other side of Asylum please fill out an application before. Please put time and effort into your application. A sentence or 2 will not get you very far. Applications will remain open until 11:59 CST on Monday 3-1. 



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@Mitch (IFRIT)Do I even apply again? I got interviewed last time and they pulled group chat logs lmao. 

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20 hours ago, DinKleberg said:

I think a nice mod tag next to DinKleberg would take this server to new levels @ifrit (IFRIT)

yes it would. do it 

5 hours ago, Maric said:

If I cry during my mod interview, will I get the position?

its 2021, if you do, then rant on IG that you were felt left out, and discriminated against then yes. yes you will 

Is it possible to try if you've been ban, like a lot.  lol asking for a friend  ) _ )

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