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Kill Confirm Notification

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6 minutes ago, Jacob Golden said:

Pretty much when you kill Someone it’ll pop up on the top middle of your screen saying kill confirmed I think this would be good implemented into the game same thing as a war kill but with regular kills I think we all can agree on this let’s see if we can make it happen!

It shows in the chat, why does it need a separate thing?

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3 hours ago, Patato said:

Definitely not in the middle of the screen. APD had this for years whenever you lethald someone and i can tell you its pretty fucking annoying to have your screen covered in some random ass text while you're trying to fight

Then make it something you can toggle on/off in phone setting.  Olympus has this and it is actually amazing to have.

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On 6/9/2022 at 2:57 AM, operatorjohnny^ said:

can we get like an actual answer or is it gonna be some bs about how its "a life server not cod"...how about you take into account a big part of your player base which is people who fight. make it so you can haver it on or you can turn it off

Personally when i have to shoot at more than 1 person in a small area, grouped etc, its annoying to take my eyes off my crosshair and looks at the bottom left of my screen that is usually spammed with msgs to see if i can find my kill msg if they are dead. A simple pop-up disable-able in phone settings would be perfect, like what you have for a war kill would be perfect.

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