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Asylum May Community Event

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Event Description


Welcome to the May Community Event, this event will be base on capturing cartels!  Gangs will be competing against rival gangs to see who can get the most points.  We have heard your plea's for better rewards and looking back on previous events it was clear the amount of money and resources spent far outweighed the possible winnings, so we made sure to make it worthwhile this time around and for the rest of the community events!

 The event will start on 5/6/2023 at 12:01 AM EST and end on 5/31/2023 at 11:59 PM EST

*Disclaimer*  Event may be pushed back a week due to complications *Disclaimer*




- Cartels captured will award points to the gang who captures it, Oil Cartel and Wong's Triad will be worth 1 point, Arms Dealer and Drug Cartel will be worth 2 points, and the Cartel Capture Point event will be worth 4 points.

- If your gang owns a cartel, you are not allowed to have someone leave gang and make a new one just to down cap a small percentage for the original owners to capture it again for free points, this also applies to having friends in other gangs.

- People can sign their gang up with the link below, please only have 1 person from each gang sign up.  Sign ups will end on 5/5/2023 11:59 PM EST



1st Place Gang:  $20 Million Gang Bank Funds, 25 Ifrits Gang Garage

2nd Place Gang:  $15 Million Gang Bank Funds, 20 Ifrits Gang Garage

3rd Place Gang:  $10 Million Gang Bank Funds, 15 Ifrits Gang Garage




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