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Additional Housing Update


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We will be locking the server in preparation for the new additional housing. Server is unlocked 300+ shop houses will be added to the server and after a short lock and test (10-15mins if all goes well) the server will be unlocked and opened for players to purchase the new houses. This will be on a first come first serve basis, some of the more desired houses have been earmarked and will be given away on our discord server (Join here https://discord.gg/gamingasylum

This patch is very light, it is mostly fixes/backend work for the houses. It will be a laggy piece of ___ as everyone downloads mission files and races to spam buy houses. However I wanted the houses to go to our active player base which is why we are surprise patching during a busy time creating extra lag. Undoubtedly it will be frustrating as some of you may crash/be unable to get the house of your dreams, we ask for patience and understanding during this dash for housing. Please enjoy the additional patch notes while you wait!

Note: Some of these changes/fixes were added with this patch but went undocumented.

Give Away 1 (Discord), Kavala Square



Give Away 2 (Discord), Athira Jewelry Store





  • Shop houses,
    • Buy the top floor of a shop, Bottom door remains locked open
    • Exactly the same as a 2 crater stat/price wise
  • Security Cameras
    • 1-3 Security Camera's have been added to some federal events (Prison/Reserve/Jewelry/Bank).
    • A Security Camera has also been added and aimed at the square of all spawn city's (Excluding Therisa) .
    • Officers SGT+ will be able to use UAV Terminals to access cameras. 
      • Camera's have low power and the officer must be within range to connect. 
    • Cameras can be seen in-game, civilians can block/obscure camera's with smoke/spray-paints/vehicles/kidnapped officers over the height of 6ft.


  • Billboard Advertisements
    • Billboards have been placed around the map with custom images to advertise Domination/Gang Fort/Faction Recruitment. The advertisements select from the current pool of 4 randomly after each restart meaning you should see something new and fresh every restart.



    • New Wong's Cartel layout @Piter De Vries
    • Can assign Custom control 16 to open Wanted Menu
    • Wanted Menu button has been moved to 4 by default
    • Made random spawned events more common
    • Revive fee's have been reduced to $2500.
    • All players will pay $2500 when revived. APD/Civilians will receive 2500.
    • AFD will receive $3500 a revive provided the revivee is not a medic themselves
    • Athira Gun Store has moved farther from HQ
    • With the economy in a much better place we can begin to restore some value to risky drugs.
      • Cocaine 525 -> 600
      • Heroin 475 -> 550
      • Reggie Weed 375 -> 420
      • Medical Marijuana 325 -> 380
      • Crystal Meth 1750 -> 1800
      • LSD Pill 500 -> 550
      • Uranium 550 -> 575
      • Cocaine Brick 800 -> 1000
      • Heisenberg Meth 2425 -> 2700



    • Attempt to make the AFD respond menu more reliable
    • An issue with AFD members not receiving proper payment when reviving someone not locked in.
    • An issue with AFD members travel bonus
    • Can no longer use cocaine or redgull while restrained
    • Can no longer vault while restrained via DLC menu
    • Refill price for higher capacity mags - $350 for Drum Mags, $1000 for box ammo (LIM/MK200/Zafir) 
    • Oysters
    • Another issue with turf drug dealer cuts
    • Day 53 & 54 & 91 of the new login bonus's
    • A lamp in the middle of the street
    • Crafting Recipes will properly display quest reductions
    • The pardon me quest
    • The fishiez quest
    • FIxed a bug that would sometimes prevent UFO from spawning
    • UFO should no longer spawn if not enough time in restart to unlock loot. 
    • Slightly Easier to get Repair vehicle option on Huron/Mohawk
    • Captains have finally paid the electricity bill at HQ's and the lights are now on


    • Custom control 16 no longer plays cease fire animation :(, It is still available via emote. 


    • Disabled Qilin Minigun per Civ Council 



    Here is a helpful map of all the new houses! (Obviously some are not purchasable as they are currently NPC shops)

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    Hotfix #1

    • Wanted menu is back on 1 to not confuse older players
      • Can now actually be changed with user action 16 (instead of just adding a second button to open the wanted menu) for players that badly want to use 1 to pull out their gun
    • A house near athira police checkpoint has been disabled due to it being unbuyable
    • Static inventory is no longer a thing when drilling for oil (your upgrades count now!)
    • A bug which resulted in people being able to buy vehicles for 2% of the actual price
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