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DM Test Server is active

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Hello all

We are starting our Domination testing. We are reaching out to people to assist in the first wave of testing to ensure that we have a streamlined issue reporting. When the first group completes their testing, we will be opening it for everyone to join. Posted below are a few teaser screenshots.


Huge shoutout to @Mr. Slick  and @Solarmender for dedicating their time to make this!









More updates to follow.

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53 minutes ago, DankBud said:

how can i get in on the testing?


Will probably do more open testing in the next day or so, so if you're around in team speak when we need people you can probably get in. 

We'll more than likely make a little free for all and get as many people as we can to see if you guys can find any major exploits or bugs that need immediate fixing. so they can be pushed towards the devs before release.

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3 hours ago, Azeh said:


[{"steamid":"76561198272035643","status":"Global Ban #b1c0f3","daysSinceLastBan":0,"url":"https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272035643"}]


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18 hours ago, Jayshawn said:

Found bunch of bugs that need fixing and have been communicated. (14 Or so Lines of bugs / fixes we asked we'll see what we get)

Make it more like gta rather than olympus 


Hi btw

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