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Changelog March

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APD HQ Lockdown Federal Event:

APD Sergeants and higher are now able to request assistance from Altis SWAT command, for backup in extreme situations when their local headquarters fall under-attack.  Doing so will activate a federal event in that city, civilians and officers will fight for the illegal loot recently seized into the HQ’s evidence storage.

  • Must be at least five civilians in the city, in addition to other APD policy related guidelines.
  • May only be done every 30 minutes, and counts as a federal event.
  • 5 minutes after the SGT requests backup, a crate full of illegal loot will spawn somewhere in the respective city. (It is locked for 10 minutes)
  • After 5 minutes it will be marked on the map, for APD and rebels to fight over until it unlocks (Activates 35 meter radius redzone around the crate)
  • APD can re-seize the items for a big payday, or the rebels can escape with the drugs!


Pyrgos Stash House:

Druglords have setup shop in Pyrgos, having taken the old dome from the APD HQ and setup a vault for their hidden meth and supplies.

  • Set drill on laptop door to breach, 15 minutes later doors will open and you will be able to access the illegal meth/uranium.


Athira Entertainment Center:

  • A real estate developer has moved into Athira, and he has bought the old soccer field on the south-west of town.  He has begun to build an expansive entertainment facility for Athira’s residents.

    Duel Arena

  • Can contain one fight at a time
  • Players can invite at the duel arena
  • With bets that are variable from $50,000 - $999,999
    • Invited players can accept at the Duel Arena or any Court House(60 seconds to accept)
    • On acception the players get teleported to the arena
    • On teleportation half of the betting amount will be subtracted from your account (500k bet on the game, each player puts 250k in the pot)
  • Both parties will battle for the best out of three
    • On win you will get the battle amount
    • On lose you will get nothing (obviously)
    • If your battle partner leaves you will get your input back and as a punishment for leaving your battle partner will lose their input.
    • Once the battle is concluded you get teleported back to your previous spot
  • Come watch how bad our player base is at combat from the observation deck.
  • Interruption of the event from the outside is a bannable offense...
  • Any interruption is recorded and can / will lead to administrative actions

    Paintball Game

  • Queue up for Paintball, and compete in teams of up to 5 each
  • Fight your friends and foes alike in a controlled paintball environment, whoever wins gets the bragging rights!

    Athira Casino

  • Have you ever wanted to gamble but not wanted to drive to Sofia? Well the Athira Casino is for you! While lacking the aesthetics of the Asylum Casino, the Athira Casino is full functional with a bouncer (to prevent homicides) and casino games.
  • Play blackjack and roulette just a stones-throw away from the action in Athira!

Additional Prestige Buffs:

Tier 1:

  • Tempest Device gathers 3% faster
  • Jackhammer gathers 3% faster
  •  Goldpan gathers 3% faster
  • Tractor gathers 3% faster
  • Harvester truck gathers 3% faster
  • Garden truck gathers 3% faster
  • Gathering by hand is 3% faster
  • MXM available for rebels and bounty-hunters

Tier 2:

  • Tempest Device gathers 5% faster
  • Jackhammer gathers 5% faster
  • Goldpan gathers 5% faster
  • Tractor gathers 5% faster
  • Harvester truck gathers 5% faster
  • Garden truck gathers 5% faster
  • Gathering by hand is 5% faster
  • Suicide Vests are twice the size

Tier 3:

  • Tempest Device gathers 10% faster
  • Jackhammer gathers 10% faster
  • Goldpan gathers 10% faster
  • Tractor gathers 10% faster
  • Harvester truck gathers 10% faster
  • Garden truck gathers 10% faster
  • Gathering by hand is 10% faster
  • Suicide vest are 2.5 times the size

Tier 4:

  • Tempest Device gathers 15% faster
  • Jackhammer gathers 15% faster
  • Goldpan gathers 15% faster
  • Tractor gathers 15% faster
  • Harvester truck gathers 15% faster
  • Garden truck gathers 15% faster
  • Gathering by hand is 15% faster

APD Tier 1:

  • MX Gl
  • Promet GL
  • CAR-95 GL
  • Katiba GL(UC)

Ven grate.jpg

Vengeance Crate **[Will be live on the store later today 3/4/2024]

  • @Kellydid some awesome work on a new crate with some great skins and horns.  
  • Common:
    • Bust One
    • Horn -"It was at this moment, he knew, he fucked up"
    • Bust Two
    • Box Truck - Bier!
  • Rare
    • Horn - "WE ARE LEAVING!"
    • Hunter - Banana
    • Ifrit - Muerte
    • Hatchback (Sport) - PHONK
  • Limited
    • Granit - God of War
    • Horn - "I'm gonna come"
    • Orca - Murica'

Additional Content:

  • NEW AND IMPROVED: Gang boat caps 
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: Significantly reduced weapon sway on our servers
  • Nikolai’s Compound now only needs a diamond tip drill to start
    • Gold bars and Crypto Console now spawn in a boat for easy escape.
  • A plethora of additional admin event functionality
  • Admin Event Compound
  • Updated Asylum Plus Skins @Kelly@SacredSherpa@Wolf_Fr @Scruggs

asylum plus spring.jpg



  • Removed spawning Zafirs in Gun-Game, and on Domination
  • National HQ
    • Now 7 officers to rob for money, and 10 to open the vault
    • Increased the number of APD Intelligence units spawned in after a successful, regular robbery, *Not with the extra step of opening the prestige vault


  • APD not being able to get to prestige Tier 2+
  • AKU-12 not being able to be put in houses.
  • Triple gates at the Casino
  • Athira General store being able to be blown-up.
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W patch. Would love to see the drill be a thing for APD national HQ as well. As much as I appreciate the attempt at creativity with the PC parts and all, that shit its mega cancer and nobody cares enough to farm them just to get clapped hence why nobody does it ever. So would suggest phasing it out to drill or something or let the PC parts be buyable at rebel for a compromise.

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Hotfix #1:

  1. Horn `it was at this moment` not returning any sound
  2. Shattered skin not showing
  3. Trippy skin not showing
  4. PURPLEEATER skin not showing
  5. Fixed crate vengeance to actually work
  6. The sanit
  7. An issue with admins and skins
  8. Pyrgos stash house sending a message `The athira stash house is under attack` @Ronald litteraly unplayable

We are aware and working on fixing the following issues:

  • Casino tables in athira don't work at all, "You cannot join this table yet, wait for the next game!" no mater how long you wait,
  • Roulette you just can't place bets
  • Granit's `god of war` missing in the rebel shop

If you do find more bugs please post them in the bugs section on the forums

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hotfix #2:


  • Casino Table in Athira Casino
  • Granit's `god of war` missing in the rebel shop/cop shop/everywhere
  • APD Lockdown Script
  • An infinite money glitch
  • Cops no longer spawn on roof of Nikolai's Rig
  • Pyrgos Stash House objects being stupid
  • Increased security at Athira Casino
  • A bunch of Admin Event functionality not functioning
  • People getting taxed  on prestige tiers


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39 minutes ago, Fitz said:

Hotfix #2:


  • Casino Table in Athira Casino
  • Roulette in Athira Casino
  • Granit's `god of war` missing in the rebel shop/cop shop/everywhere
  • APD Lockdown Script
  • An infinite money glitch
  • Cops no longer spawn on roof of Nikolai's Rig
  • Pyrgos Stash House objects being stupid
  • Increased security at Athira Casino
  • A bunch of Admin Event functionality not functioning
  • People getting taxed  on prestige tiers


Hey uhhh the roulette tables are gone from the casino.

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