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APD Arma 3 Asylum Virtual Police Ex-captain, lieutenant bbgreg17

BBGREG17's status as an officer of the A-P-D  

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  1. 1. Should arma 3 asylum Virtual Police ex-captain, lieutenant bbgreg17 still be a higher up in the APD??

    • We want his head, make him constable.
    • he straight

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honestly, killing two apd officers and reacting in the way he did after having a taste of his own medicine yet still being a higher up on the apd kinda just a tap on the wrist. People have been blacklisted for YEARS doing what he just did. EXACTLY what he just did. NUKED from the APD FOR YEARS. 4, 5, 6 YEARS ago if ppl did that shit they'd be gone. we want his head. 



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LT is such a generous demotion. Ya'll still leaving him with any shred of power? But, to be honest, everybody knowing that he got demoted from Captain for being a pissy little bitch will give him hefty abuse in-game and in TS. Nobody will take him seriously. I give it a month before he goes fully inactive.

also, sig has never been more relevant lmfao

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2 hours ago, DS_Billy said:


Gregg over here voting like.
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But Billy! He had a bad weekend of APD stuff! He just took out his pent up frustration on an innocent Constable. His apology was 100% genuine, absolutely not part of his agreements with the SAs to get the Captain rank back.

It's not as if there's a video going around that captured him, condescendingly, saying that he wouldn't get demoted for what he done! He's very sorry.


For real though. He’s not sorry for what he done, he’s sorry that he got caught. If HalfDrunk hadn’t of been streaming and caught it all in 4K, then Greg would still be Captain and HalfDrunk would have two unfair points against his APD app. We all know it. 

Just more of a reason to record 24/7 on this server. 

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