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Where do we go next?

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I would love to see a dynamic economy to make it feel more real. Items that players buy all the time, give incentive for other players to make them. This could make grinding money feel more rewarding. The Asylum exchange feels like an after thought and I think it serves a good role in the economy but it feels out of place with its current integration. Also, when I'm bounty hunting, I feel like my only option is to turn in my target. Maybe think of a way to incentives me to let them go once in a while. This would improve the feeling of helplessness that sweeps over you when you are taken by a bounty hunter. Make the restrained person try to convince the bounty hunter to take a different rout. I love the event and think that they add a lot to the gameplay. The content I would absolutely love to see is NPC quests or something. Give me an incentivized to try to make money in a way I never have before. I want to be incentivized to explore new parts of the map. ability to rent houses for a specified amount of time without actually transferring ownership? 

Overall, I love the direction Asylum is taking and appreciate the dev work that has gone into keeping the server feeling fresh even after all of these years. Thank you!

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