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[Win 500k!] Asylum Roleplay Challenge! =D

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Ladies and gentlemen of Altis.

Boris is proud to present the Redgull Roleplay challenge.

Earn yourself money for bringing roleplay back to Asylum.

How does it work?

You have to record a video of you roleplaying around a certain theme, and the best video as voted by the community wins 500k, provided courtesy of the asylum administration.

The theme is "Redgull". You could be a redgull salesman, a redgull can collector, a redgull PR rep, absolutely anything. Go out and roleplay. Engage people. As a cop or civ. Make some entertaining content. That's all you gotta do.

There's no rules on video length, it could be a minute or five. (None over 10 minutes though, condense it if you want to.)

You'll have a week to submit videos and then voting will take place via forum poll. It's that easy.

Go get redgullin' fellas.



Please DM me with your completed video once you’re ready to enter! 

The video must have been recorded after this post was made! We will check! No old videos! 

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