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Gang Wars 6

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 Gang Wars VI 

With a new stream lined gearing and TP system to reduce overall time, we will be hosting Gang Wars 6 on October 27th

This post is to inform you of the details we have so far and to allow you a chance to plan your rosters.

The goal is to have this happen all in 1 day, from 12:00pm PST - 6:00pm PST (7:00pm GMT - 1:00am GMT)

The first fight will start at 12:00pm PST October 27th


Official Twitch Stream








The Great @Alec-I Spazeed will be joining us from his cozy retirement home for commentary

If you would like to help commentate the event please reach out to me via PM here on the forums (@Roice) or on discord RoiceSB#4341

Big thanks to @Gen. Henry Arnold and @Samperino, and @Gokufor helping set things up for us



12 Minute timer on All fights. No exceptions. If the timer runs out, the team with the most people inside the cap at the end of the timer will win that round. If both teams are tied, the round will go to the defending team. Even if the attacking team has more people alive but not more people in the cap, Win will still go to the defending team.

The fights will be 10v10 with 3 subs on the roster

Every Match will be Best of 3, and the Final match will be BO5

Each team will have 5 minutes to get every player connected to the server, once the clock is out, no more will be allowed to join

1st place

Cash prize - $5million (500k per person)

      Secondary prize - Each player on the roster will have an Ifrit, 50, or Orca added to their civilian garage

Gang Wars winners prize : TBD (Aiming for something cool)

2nd place

Cash prize - $1million (100k per person) 

     Secondary prize - Each player on the roster will have an Ifrit or Orca added to their civilian garage



Everyone will have a scroll option to change between the MK18 or MK1 with an RCO, ARCO, and an MRCO in the backpack provided. 

All players will have the same clothing and vest (No CSATS) when they select their choice of weapon

Attackers will be provided 2 ifrits

Defenders will be provided with 1 ifrit

No other vehicles or guns will be spawned in



Must not be permed on the Asylum Servers for 3rd party apps/scripting/lagswitching/global. All other ban types, perm or not will be accepted

Player will be bound to 1 roster and may not fight with multiple gangs.

Rosters must be submitted by Wednesday October 24th 11:59PM PST with 10 starters and are allowed 3 subs

I will be allowing changes to your roster until that date they are due by

Must have a minimum of 8 players on your roster

Roster changes after this time will not be allowed. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS You will either fight with who you have or forfeit. If a player is not on the roster, then they will not participate with that team

Gang leaders will be responsible for submitting their rosters. The names you put on the sign up form MUST be the same you use in game on event day. Players with names that are not on the roster sheet, will be kicked from the server, matching PIDs or not. No exceptions


Sign Up Here


Other Rules and Guidelines

 Any teams caught harboring a ban evader on their roster will be disqualified immediately

 All Asylum rules will be in effect (No VDM, Exploiting etc)

 All players must be in the Asylum Teamspeak for the event

Thanks to @Reapered Defibs will be available and working

If a player disconnects mid fight, the player or the sub will have to wait until the next round join back in the fight



If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to PM me here on the forums or on Discord




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59 minutes ago, william said:

I love you Willie. This should be a fun no bullshit gang wars, sucks having to wait ages for people to gear and rounds to start. HMU if you want me to commentate @Roice im a trash can now so probably won't be playing. <3



william likes this

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