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Clint Beastwood

Asylum V2 Story a TL;DR

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3 minutes ago, Mason Statham #freepage said:

To be fair if Gnashes was in the jet it wouldn't of lifted off

to be fair if gnashes was a jet he would be a LARGE CARGO Jet

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not going to lie clint this was a pretty funny meme. keep up the good work on v2, and just make sure bounty hunters get mxm. love u :}

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17 minutes ago, Valen said:

Do we have ETA? Will this be like Altis Life but with new map from Contacts?

No buddy I don't think you understand.

v2 is a re-written mission file of the current Asylum. Core aspects [i.e the map] will not change. It's basically to eliminate the lag and crash issues as the Devs have found the problem lies in the code. Re-writing it was the last resort.

Hope that clears things up for u.

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So we not planing to have new Contacts Map at all? I notice that is quite popular now. Do we have access to any content from it?

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Will new DLC items will be added to the server? I noticed other Life Server already have them enabled. Any reason we dont have access to backpacks as well other vehicles? Yet?

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